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    2018 Nurse Salary

    I didn't see one of these posted for 2018, so I thought I'd get this party started. Feel free to contribute whatever info you like. Let's compare some stats! Location: Massachusetts Experience: Just about 3 years; BSN Specialty: ED Facility: Large urban hospital Base Pay: $33 and some coin Differentials: Evening, night & weekend = $3, $2 and $3/hr, respectively. OT: Anything over my regularly scheduled shift is time and a half.
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    San Diego Job Market/Cost of Living

    That's solid advice. Do you have any recommendations on other good facilities for that?
  3. #MakeItRain

    San Diego Job Market/Cost of Living

    Why do you say that?
  4. #MakeItRain

    San Diego Job Market/Cost of Living

    Also, the interview process was a breeze. I applied to two jobs with them and had offers for both. Both positions did phone interviews due to my distance and it felt very comfortable and relaxed. Everyone I have spoken with there was incredibly kind and down to earth. I was asked the typical interview-type questions (i.e. tell me about a time when.., how would you handle x, y, and z, strengths/weaknesses, etc). When I researched it a bit more, they had high staff approval ratings and that really solidified my decision to apply to them. It seems like they offer some good opportunities to cross-train from ED to ICU as well. I don't have anything negative to say about the interview process and am really looking forward to being part of the team and giving something back to the community. I'm blown away by the kindness I have experienced from complete strangers there, and I don't just mean in relation to my new employer, I mean in all regards. I have reached out to potential landlords and although I did not end up renting from them due to timeframe conflicts, they continue to send me listings for rentals that they get nothing out of. It blows my mind. If this is the sort of thing that is common there, I may have found my forever home.
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    San Diego Job Market/Cost of Living

    I'm not sure if doing fingerprints in CA will speed it up or not. It could? I did mine through the mail and the whole process took 4 months or so. If you do it by mail, be sure to be extra careful to not make any mistakes or accidentally omit information on the application packet. I hear that can slow things down and god forbid you have to call the CA BON for any reason. It's next to impossible to get an actual person on the phone.
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    San Diego Job Market/Cost of Living

    Just an update: I accepted a job with Scripps and will be relocating to San Diego at the end of July. The interview process was phenomenal and I'm genuinely really excited. The biggest headache is finding housing, but oh well. Bye bye, snow. Hellllllllllllllo, sunshine (and good Mexican food).

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