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  1. Hi! Just checking what happened with your case. I'm in the same situation, however I'm now in California instead of the Philippines. Please update me, thank you!
  2. rainey0914

    New Mexico license expired for 5 years

    I'll be reaching out to them this week, I just thought maybe someone here would know something about it before I ask NM BON :) Regarding the CA registration, I do have some friends who have successfully registered but some took years, some had to study again, while some had it easy. Issues would be expected, and if it takes me quite a while and another course of study again, then it would be fine.
  3. Hi nurses! My NM license expired last 2012 and I didn't renew it since I was still in the Philippines at that time and was affected by the retrogression. Fast forward to today, I'm now in the US since I'll be marrying an American citizen, and while I'm still not working yet I want to start the process of renewing my NM license so I can apply for endorsement to California. I did read about the Continuing education requirements, is that the only requirement? I also read that there's a two-year deadline after license expiry? If anyone can shed light on how I can go about in renewing my expired NM license, I would be really grateful! Thanks!