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  1. 2020 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    Does anyone here have experience/knowledge about site transfers after contract has been signed and award was approved? PLEASE let me know!! thank you!!
  2. 2020 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    What percentage of taxes gets taken out?
  3. 2020 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    My SallieMae loans were included. Not sure why yours were not? Did you included a document of ALL SallieMae loans?
  4. 2020 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    Does anyone know of a situation where they were a finalist for the award but did NOT get approved for the actual loan repayment? thanks :)
  5. 2020 Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

    Hi, Just wondering if we will get a “rejection” email if we don’t get chosen? Thanks!
  6. Kaiser Advice Nurse

    Just curious who out there has experience in Kaiser Advice Nursing? My main concern is that if I go into this field I will be “stuck” and unable to move to a different department in the future (such as ambulatory care). Any inside tips or information...
  7. Should I leave the ICU? New grad

    I am a new grad nurse in a large 40 bed cardiac ICU with only 5 months of experience and have been on my own for a month now. I will cut to the chase... I am not sure that ICU is for me. I get extreme anxiety going into work and worry non-stop. My an...
  8. New grad bedside nursing disappointment

    I, too, am in the exact same boat. Constantly asking myself every day if I can do this, if I'm smart enough, and worst of all if I even LIKE this. I worked so hard to get into the ICU as a new grad and now, 2 months into orientation, I'm ashamed that...
  9. Hi everyone, I have applied for my RN license through the California BON as well as created an account and paid for NCLEX registration through Pearson Vue. Yesterday (June 5) my application was approved through the CA-BON, yet I did not receive an A...
  10. Thank you for starting this thread... I'm anxiously awaiting to hear back!!
  11. Mayo Clinic AZ new grad rn residency 2018

    Hi, I as well have not heard anything unfortunately... it seems like a long time to wait and not hear anything back so I have not gotten my hopes up
  12. UCSF New Graduate RN Residency Program 2018

    New Grad applications are up on the UCSF career site NOW!!! Good luck to everyone applying, there are quite a few positions posted :)
  13. Baptist Hospital Versant Program 2016

    I know I am about two years late to this post but I haven't been able to find another post about Baptists South Florida Versant residency program.. I can't find anywhere on their website about how to apply to the residency program. Anyone out there k...
  14. 2018 Mayo Clinic Nurse Residency- July 2 Cohort

    Hi everyone! How long after you applied to Mayo did you receive a call from them to interview? I have applied to 4 positions so far (Feb. 24th, Feb. 27th. March 2, and March 5th) and have not heard anything.. I have read that some people hear back wi...
  15. Johns Hopkins Hospital Nurse Residency Program 2018

    Hi! I got an email this morning offering me an interview with JHH, but I have to pick 3 weeks that work best with my schedule to fly out and interview. I am applying from Hawaii, so this would be a huge move. I could also benefit from anyone else's e...