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  1. pre-op travel nursing

    Considering this. Am totally burned out at present, taking some time off to see what would make me the least stressed/most happy in nursing. (Since I'm in my 50s, divorced, little assets after the ex (narcissist physician) insisted we piss all inco...
  2. DNP v. MSN/ARNP

    Agreed djmatte, I have looked at a few of the MSN v. DNP actual course catalogs, and none of it convinces me that the DNP makes a better clinician.
  3. DNP v. MSN/ARNP

    Daughter finished BSN soon, wants to be FNP. I say she gets MSN (doable part-time in 2.5 years), she says DNP or bust (4 years, UGH). We are just thinking, as I said experience first, not straight to school; she agrees. Is the DNP needed if no desi...
  4. I Quit Nursing.

    I really do not know much about the LPN world these days, but have you considered clinic nursing? I know a lot will want to only pay MA rates, so not sure this would be a 'demotion' or not, but the pace would definitely be much less stress than what...
  5. new to management, and HCA possibility?

    Thanks, delphine! That's good to hear!
  6. MSN, RN, OCN, CNL. 12 yrs. nursing, 3 as Level I Trauma SICU, 1.5 as Perioperative Clinical Specialist (oncology), rest as procedural (pre, intra, post) for major cancer hospital. Relocating back to Kansas City for family reasons. Earned the MSN in ...
  7. Male Nurse Disgusted by Female Nurses

    agree, it's just more patriarchy, blame game
  8. May be moving out of a large metroplex to a small rural area, with limited nursing positions. Considering applying for a LTC DON position, but have no idea if I'd even be considered. Would like feedback on what my learning curves would need to be, ...
  9. CDC also released information about how to stay save in a zombie apocalypse. Sorry, but just more fear porn from the FEDS if you ask me.