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  1. futurenurse1620

    SoCal new grad residencies Spring 2020

    Hi all! I'm still waiting to hear back from hospitals in San Diego. Anyone care to share their current status (interviewed, rejected, offered a position, etc.) at different hospitals around SoCal for the upcoming residencies?
  2. Hi guys, I'm currently finishing up my BSN program and I plan on going into postpartum nursing. Eventually I'd like to become an NP, and I'd like to find a specialty close to postpartum. I read about Perinatal NP but I'm not sure if this is really a "thing" because I can't find any perinatal NP programs, just pediatric NP or women's health NP. Any suggestions for what advanced practice careers would most closely relate to caring for newborns and mothers? I've also considered going the CNM route but I'd like to hear about what kind of NP specialties there are. Thank you!
  3. futurenurse1620

    Improving chances for an L&D job?

    Hi everyone, I'm halfway through my 2nd year of nursing school (BSN program) and have found that I am very interested in specializing in L&D. I KNOW this is a very tough unit to get hired into as a new grad, but I'd like to know what things I can do now to improve my chances. What specific things could I do in the next two years as a student that would make me more desirable to be hired directly into L&D after graduation? Also, if every L&D job opening requires a year of L&D experience, how does anyone new to L&D get a job?? Thanks a lot for any info!!

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