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Hi everyone!

I have a year and a half left of my BSN program and am highly interested in jumping straight into an MSN program after I graduate to ultimately become a primary care PNP. I am having trouble searching for programs to apply into since most programs require a year of work experience. If anyone knows of schools that accept new BSN grads or knows of what exactly I should be googling to yield the results I'm looking for, I would greatly appreciate it!! I am very interested in online programs that would allow me to stay in my current location/state without having to move. I'd have no problem flying to any given state occasionally for important events, but my ideal online school wouldn't require me to live near campus for clinical or what not. So if you have suggestions of online programs that fit my description, that would be even better!

Side note- I understand that some people feel strongly that RN experience is needed before getting a masters. Please do not share opinions of that in this thread! I'm not sure if this is the route I will be taking but we can save that discussion for a different thread. ;)

Thank you to anyone who comments!

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Vanderbilt does not care about experience for certain specialties if you don't mind paying a small fortune. I think FNP is one of those.

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