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TurquoiseTortoise's Latest Activity

  1. TurquoiseTortoise

    Boston College DNP CRNA 2022

    Hello! I decided to start a thread for those applying to BC's DNP CRNA program starting in 2022. I'm actually surprised no one else made one yet. But now we can talk with each other and share this experience together! I'm excited for it!
  2. TurquoiseTortoise

    University of Pittsburgh CRNA Spring 2022

    Hey guys! I just applied last night, and every hour that I don't hear back feels like a week, haha. Congrats to everyone who were already accepted! How was the interview process?
  3. TurquoiseTortoise

    Travel Nurse Market in Rhode Island

    I'm interested in doing some travel nursing in ICUs (hopefully CVICUs) around New England, and Providence, RI is on my short list of destinations. Now, I know some of the major hospital systems MA and CT well, but nothing in RI. I'm wondering if anyone else has experience traveling to that area, what the market is like, any insights from your time there? Thanks!
  4. TurquoiseTortoise

    UPenn application 2021

    Hi guys. I was notified of my acceptance today, but due to family obligations I'll be declining admission. So CONGRATS to one of the lucky waitlisters!
  5. TurquoiseTortoise

    Military CRNA School?

    So I recently graduated with an ABSN and will be entering the ICU workforce, hoping to go to CRNA school. In looking at different programs and their requirements, I came across USAGPAN and USUHS that will pay you to go to school in exchange for military service. I was wondering if anybody knew of the length of service that you're committing to for these programs? I read that USAGPAN would be 4-5 years, but can't find anything about USUHS. Also any additional info, like experiences in the programs or satisfaction from alums, would be delightful! Thanks!