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  1. BiscuitRN

    BEWARE of frauds...

    Fair enough. I'd also never go without liability insurance especially when working outside of a hospital setting. The $100 I spend on it annually is well worth the protection.
  2. BiscuitRN

    C'Mon Now!

    This was my fight last year. I took all the advice on this board, and I swear I had nightmares about ice packs. One member of our staff has access to my office (it's supposed to be for "emergency reasons"--getting stock epi mostly if it's before/after school hours) but they're notorious for overstepping their boundaries and giving out my ice packs, heat packs, field trip bags, etc and then having a big dumb look on their face and going "HUH?" when I tell them not to give out non-emergency supplies without my approval. I repeat over and over "if they aren't bleeding, barfing, on the floor crying, or not breathing it's not an emergency." They have my cell phone number! They can call! Anyways, I suspect they were giving my ice packs away to before school sports and then denying it. This year I was approved to buy an ice machine, so I just give away sandwich bags of ice. It's funny to me now how much I freaked out about ICE PACKS! End rant.
  3. BiscuitRN

    BEWARE of frauds...

    Addendum to my above comment: should read "either a size or half size smaller"
  4. BiscuitRN

    C'Mon Now!

    This happened to me last year. I ran to the dollar store and got 2 ice cube trays. Put them in the staff freezer and could make about 10 ice packs a day. My school is full of ice pack thieves.
  5. BiscuitRN

    Typical schedule.

    I work 8am-5pm. School is 8:30am-3:45pm. I stay for after school care, clubs & some sports.
  6. BiscuitRN

    C'Mon Now!

    Ours are going to the Holocaust Museum...quite the opposite of a party.
  7. BiscuitRN

    Sub Notes

    I have all my cabinets labeled so it's easy to find items. The last time I had a sub my notes included: My daily schedule/routine (including daily meds, when I try to take lunch, start/end of school day) Information on where meds are stored Computer log-in Paper charting instructions Where info is kept (allergy/asthma binder, clinic manual, student med log, student med permission forms) Illness policies (including fever parameters, vomit/diarrhea policy) & when to contact parents Phone numbers of staff members who can help (we have a few trained staff members who know our policies and where things are in my office) My personal phone number should anything arise I also have two lists of students with photos--one for life-threatening allergies & one for medical conditions (like diabetes, severe asthma, epilepsy, etc) ready for the sub in a folder.
  8. BiscuitRN

    Faith restored

    I had a middle schooler insist on calling home about a sore throat. I, of course, spoke to dad first and explained that she's healthy enough to stay at school. After she got off the phone with dad she looks devastated and says "my dad told me to suck it up."
  9. BiscuitRN

    Were you a frequent flyer in you’re own school days

    Nope! I only went to the nurse a handful of times in my life. My elementary school nurse yelled at kids a lot so I was too afraid to go see her unless an adult made me go. I try to be warmer than she was but not so warm that kids want to hang out in my office.
  10. BiscuitRN

    BEWARE of frauds...

    I'm a bit confused about the trach part. When I worked in private duty all of our trached patients always had an "emergency" trach either a size or half size (depending on type of trach) in the case that their regular trach came out and we were unable to insert the regular sized one. Even in that case the policy was to insert the smaller trach and call the doctor/911. Maybe they meant something similar?
  11. BiscuitRN

    EpiPens for Schools

    I ordered in August. Last week, without any notice, a box with 2 regular Epi-Pens was sent to our school. No note or anything inside, so I can only assume they are from EpiPens4Schools. I'm without juniors. Luckily all of our parents (who have tried) have been able to bring in up-to-date jrs for their kids. These are mostly the generics or Auvi-Qs.
  12. BiscuitRN


    I never used essential oils to cure or remedy anything with the exception of my dog's anxiety. When we first adopted my dog he had periods of anxiety especially when he thought he was alone. I put some lavender essential oil in the diffuser (I bought it as a candle alternative) and played instrumental Christian hymns for him, and he calmed down right away. I later found out that lavender oil is toxic to dogs...oops. I think aromatherapy has its place (along with herbal therapy, meditation, massage, music/art therapy, etc) as complementary medicine and should not be used in potentially life-threatening situations. It'd be interesting to see more medical research done on essential oils and aroma therapy.
  13. BiscuitRN

    Gender Bias in Pediatric Pain

    I just want to point out--the actual studies conducted were not specific to health care. The adults in the study were not necessarily health care professionals. I was not suggesting that the findings of the study reflects every hospital, doctor's office, or school nurse office in America. Just as studies can have biases, so can people.
  14. BiscuitRN

    Gender Bias in Pediatric Pain

    Here's an interesting article on how adults perceive the pain of boys vs girls. Now I'm wondering--do I see more boys with PE/recess injuries because they're "rougher" and get hurt more often, or is it because the girls' pain is overlooked? Food for thought.
  15. BiscuitRN

    Pacer Test (May the odds be ever in my favor)

    AHH! The kids are always way too competitive. Asthma attacks, broken ankles, vomiting all over the gym floor. Definitely my most hated week of the semester.