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BiscuitRN has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. BiscuitRN

    Lice found, but not on head

    CDC says lice is ok to stay at school, so back to class little one!
  2. BiscuitRN

    schedule change

    I had a teacher sobbing in my office because she had to be a high school lunch monitor during her lunch break & her supervisor's response was "just eat lunch while watching the kids." FYI 80% of our high schoolers leave campus for lunch so she had to monitor like 20 kids. I just stared at her. I eat lunch while watching kids barf every day. Don't see me crying.
  3. BiscuitRN

    End of First semester

    I like to have all of my immunization paperwork (from August and September, mind you) filed into the appropriate student folders. This appears to be the first year that won't happen.
  4. BiscuitRN

    What does “nursing gpa” mean?’

    From my understanding it is the gpa from last 2 years of a BSN program. I agree--check with the adviser or whoever is asking for it.
  5. BiscuitRN

    Basketball Season

    It's basketball season in P.E. so this is what every student is asking for each time a basketball grazes their fingers.
  6. @RNTadaaaa My sister (a middle school teacher) told me that yesterday some of her students told her that every lesson she's ever taught is boring an awful. Turns out middle schoolers aren't just mean to each other. Mean to staff too!
  7. My littles think I can fix anything, the middle schoolers are annoyed I won't send them home every day/give them cough syrup/let them go on a field trip when their temp is 101F, and the high schoolers already know the rules and just pop in to ask for very specific things (meds and the form was submitted first day of school, ice for swelling, temp check) or trust me when I check something out for them. It's that age. You couldn't pay me to go back to middle school!
  8. BiscuitRN

    How to help coughing student?

    A bottle of water on the desk and little sips every few minutes. If they're older I'll run to the staff room and get them warm water for their water bottle.
  9. BiscuitRN

    C'Mon Now!

    I really wonder sometimes how these people function outside of school. What do they do when there's an emergency at home with their family? Run outside screaming for help?
  10. BiscuitRN

    New school nurse

    Know those action plans, know what to do, run through scenarios, have things organized so you can grab and go in an emergency. If you are prepared everything will be alright. I'm a pretty anxious person, but somehow whenever there's an emergency I switch into action mode and make it happen. You will too. And if it's too big for you to deal with that's what EMS is for!
  11. BiscuitRN

    C'Mon Now!

    A staff member just told me that a kid had an allergic reaction at an after school event last night. One of our head administrators was running around asking "Does anyone have nurse biscuits cell phone number?" Staff member said uhh I think we should call 9-1-1 not the nurse. BTW I train all staff on allergies and epi so I guess that admins training went out the window. Kid is ok.
  12. BiscuitRN

    Do you keep clinic door open?

    Mine is open only because my office is in the administrative area which has a door that only staff members can fob through. So kids need a staff member (usually front desk or security) to let them in.
  13. BiscuitRN

    Sub Nurses

    I mean to ask what is helpful information to leave for subs. I have two new subs next week who are not familiar with our school/students. I have binders of students with chronic illnesses/allergies, a list of who to call in the school with specific questions, daily med list along with the photo of the student (with access to paperwork from the doctor). Per our school policy they fill out the same paper charting I usually do for visits.
  14. BiscuitRN

    Sub Nurses

    For anyone who has subbed--what notes are helpful for a one-day assignment?
  15. BiscuitRN

    Common clinic visits (elementary)

    -“stomachache” with no fever, vomiting, diarrhea--> crackers, water, 5 min & back to class - “headache” with no fever or other symptoms --> drink 8 oz water, rest 15 minutes, try to get through 1 more hour of school and come back if it doesn't improve - smelly kids that teachers send --> I've actually never gotten this - “ chest pain”- with zero other symptoms, vitals look perfect, they are not in distress. --> these kids usually need reassurance and then back to class - extremity “injuries” that kids are totally playing up lol. Aka walk to the nurses office and as soon as they get in here they are suddenly limping --> poke around at the injury and look for wincing/actual signs of pain, tell them to shake it off, sometimes show them a stretch to do (the littles want SOMETHING to fix it) - teachers that send students for literally anything and practice no common sense/judgement. --> "you're fine" back to class
  16. BiscuitRN

    Who gets the backpack

    Kids get their backpacks themselves. For our little ones (preschool/kindergarten) I'll either go with them (if office is empty) or I'll phone the teacher. If it's really an emergency and the kid can't go themselves and no one is available to help...sorry but the backpack will stay in the locker.