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  1. trouss

    EVC FALL 2019

    Hey Everyone!! Congrats to everyone that got in! I'm in first semester now and it's awesome! Let me know if any of you have questions.
  2. trouss

    SJSU, CSUEB, SFSU Nursing Fall 2018

    Hi there!! Sorry for getting back so late. I'm currently attending EVC's program. I was denied to all other programs. Good luck to you!! EVC has been amazing thus far.
  3. trouss

    SJSU, CSUEB, SFSU Nursing Fall 2018

    Hi there! First off, congrats that's a great score! Secondly, yes I was an EVC student before applying.
  4. "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." - Mahatma Gandhi
  5. Hello fellow pre-nurses! I am currently applying to EVC, SJSU, CSUEB, and SFSU's progams for the Fall of 2018. I wanted to get some feedback to any others applying to these programs. What's your GPA/TEAS score like? I'm scheduled to take my TEAS for the first time 12/2 and I'm pretty nervous. Hope to hear back!