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  1. After 1 year on a medical surgical floor, where do you think a new nurse should be in the following areas: - Confidence - Socializing at work - Understanding the patient's "big picture" medically I'm asking because I am a newer nurse (surprise surprise) and I'd like some opinions on where nurses with 1 year of experience are expected to fall in these categories, taking into account that obviously everyone is a little different.
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    New grad competency - what do you think?

    Just would like a general gauge of how quickly a new nurse would be accepted into the workplace if they were doing a good job, if they weren't, etc.
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    Drowning on the floor...only 2 months in. HELP!

    I'm new too and I often drown with 4 patients, which is our max. I would've quit after a few weeks of 10 patients. That's absolutely insane.
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    Severely burnt out. Nursing home vs. tele unit?

    I can confidently say I believe LTC would be more stressful than a hospital job. More patients, still tons of responsibility and families who are stressed out, still difficult politics and even less management support. If you want less stress, consider a doctor's office. It's busy and there's still a lot at stake, but ultimately it's less chaotic and patients and families are not (AS) high strung...therefore, you're unlikely to be, either. You have one year of experience in a hospital so at this point you have tons of options...go to a LTC if you're passionate about it, but definitely not because you think it will be less stressful. Also, I agree with the previous poster regarding depression...prioritize your mental health or you'll never be able to fully function as the best nurse you can be, regardless of the setting
  5. New grads don't work days. Unless you're prepared to spend time away from your children at length including holidays and bedtime, AND you have money for childcare for that time, I wouldn't recommend it. I'm a single mom, and nursing has been hard for me for those reasons. Also, yes, nursing is rewarding, but it's not like volunteering. It truly is work, and extremely stressful work at that. What does make nursing worth it for me is the pay (not rich lol, but making better money than jobs with comparable education) and knowing I have a career ahead of me, and I don't have to stay where I am if I don't want to. Also, I'm extroverted and enjoy the energy I get from my coworkers and patients. Hope this helps!
  6. I am just beyond angry with myself. I don't know why I did this. I'm a new grad who got days at a level 1 trauma center within about 9 months. I first complained about being on evening shift and then bragged about getting days - maybe brag isn't the word, but I probably talked about it too much. I can tell my coworkers don't like me because of this. That is quite understandable, believe me I know. I think I did it because I was consumed with stress about finding childcare for evenings and I maybe didn't even realize I was talking about it as much as I was, although that's no excuse. I am just mortified with myself. I need help with knowing how to move forward at work. What should I do?
  7. I'm thinking of applying to a wound care position at a local hospital. I am graduating with my BSN in December and am wondering if this position would be a good fit for a new grad, or if more experience is definitely necessary. Thanks!