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  1. Hi everyone! I was recently hired as a temp LVN at St. Joseph Health, however the pay is less than stellar. I would just be filling in for a nurse who left on maternity. So, no idea how many months I'll be there, but for the sake of having a job, I accepted. They said I could be there upwards of six months. Well, the same day that I accepted, I was offered an interview with Kaiser as a temp Flu Clinic LVN and the starting pay is amazing! And I'm pretty certain that I will be able to get this position as well. So, my question is.. does anyone know how many months does the flu clinic run for Kaiser? And, is there anyone who knows how likely it would be to be hired by Kaiser as a permanent full time LVN after the clinic is over? I don't want to shoot myself in the foot by abandoning the St. Joseph temp position and then getting abandoned by Kaiser after flu season is over. I'd love to hear everyone's experiences! Thanks!
  2. So many closed-minded nurses on this forum 😞

  3. stephxbee

    Prescribing Medical Marijuana

    I LOVE THIS. I see so many nurses on here low-key shaming other nurses who advocate for marijuana, but are okay with ALL the other pharmaceuticals that have some serious side effects. Because "tHe GoVeRnMeNt SaYs ItS iLleGaL". There's been so many studies, so many people saying it helps them, so much evidence of it helping people. It's 2019, people. Marijuana is becoming legalized; get over it.
  4. Waiting for license number to post on Breeze. The initial license fee went up to $220😭 SO EXPENSIVE! At least I passed NCLEX🤷🏻‍♀️

  5. Taking my NCLEX-PN on June 25th and hoping UWorld helps!😬

  6. Passed my HESI exit exam last Friday with a 1051😌 Planning on taking the NCLEX-PN in, roughly, two weeks. Also want to get my IV cert before I start working. Excited!

    1. Joy1717


      Hi steph, i need your help. I just failed my Hesi pn exit, how do u study??..

    2. stephxbee

      stephxbee, LVN

      @Joy1717Hi Joy! I just did a lot of Saunders questions, and did the HESI-PN practice exams on Elsevier Evolve. I didn’t focus too much on reading and I treated it like a mock-NCLEX. My advice would be to do a lot of questions and read all the rationales. Good luck, let me know how it goes!

    3. Joy1717


      Thank you so much steph!!!!❤️ I still have 3 weeks to prepare for my 3rd attempt! Ill let u know right away😊👌🏻

  7. stephxbee

    LVN to RN 30-unit option

    Hey, everyone! Totally new to the site, although I've peeped it many times when I was doing research. I'll be starting my LVN program in 2.5 weeks and I had a question about what to do afterwards. So, I was thinking of doing the 30-unit option. I've seen a bunch of posts about this already, however, I was wondering what would happen if I were to get my RN diploma in California, followed by my MSN FNP. I was looking at West Coast University and it seems I can still go through to the RN-MSN FNP program with just an RN diploma. Sooooo, my question is - if I were to get my NP that way, would I be able to work as an NP outside of California? ALSO! If anyone can direct me to other colleges, in Orange County, CA, with an LVN-RN or LVN-ADN program that doesn't have a time limit on their science courses. I know Cypress's expiration date for science courses is 10 years, so I'm also looking at that school as well. Is there any other schools that are like this, or just don't have an expiration at all? That's really the only thing that's turning me off from just doing ADN because I don't really want to retake those classes again since that's so much wasted money and wasted time. I took my sciences courses in 2011 by the way. Any help and guidance would be awesome! Thanks!