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Hey, everyone!

Totally new to the site, although I've peeped it many times when I was doing research.

I'll be starting my LVN program in 2.5 weeks and I had a question about what to do afterwards. So, I was thinking of doing the 30-unit option. I've seen a bunch of posts about this already, however, I was wondering what would happen if I were to get my RN diploma in California, followed by my MSN FNP. I was looking at West Coast University and it seems I can still go through to the RN-MSN FNP program with just an RN diploma. Sooooo, my question is - if I were to get my NP that way, would I be able to work as an NP outside of California?

ALSO! If anyone can direct me to other colleges, in Orange County, CA, with an LVN-RN or LVN-ADN program that doesn't have a time limit on their science courses. I know Cypress's expiration date for science courses is 10 years, so I'm also looking at that school as well. Is there any other schools that are like this, or just don't have an expiration at all? That's really the only thing that's turning me off from just doing ADN because I don't really want to retake those classes again since that's so much wasted money and wasted time.

I took my sciences courses in 2011 by the way.

Any help and guidance would be awesome!

Thanks! :D


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Welcome to allnurses!

Every state (including CA) bases decisions on RN licensure on the pre-licensure program you completed in order to first make you eligible for licensure, the program in which you learned your basic RN knowledge. No additional education you do after your initial pre-licensure nursing program (BSN completion program, graduate study) ever changes that. If your original nursing program doesn't qualify you for licensure in a particular state, you're not going to get a license, no matter how many other nursing degrees you've acquired since then.

Every state requires that advanced practice nurses (CNMs, NPs, CRNAs, CNSs) maintain active licensure as a generalist ("basic") RN in addition to their advanced practice licensure/certification.

The CA "30 unit option" pathway is not accepted by any other state (unless that has changed recently, in which case someone please correct me and I apologize for being wrong) for RN licensure. No "basic" RN license, no advanced practice licensure/certification. So, I doubt v. much that a "30 unit option" grad would ever be able to practice as an advanced practice nurse outside of CA.

Best wishes for your journey!