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  1. melaniew281

    CRNA through military enlistment??

    I have been looking into becoming a CRNA but not being paid for three years during school has me obviously hesitant... I was wondering if anyone on here has joined the military to assist in previous school loans and pay for CRNA school when signing up for service? I also have my family to consider as well. Thank you! :)
  2. melaniew281

    Keep M-F Endo or leave for CCU 12's?

    Hello everyone! I am currently in Endoscopy which has a great the schedule, I work Monday-Friday 8 hour shifts and on one day a week call for 3 hours and weekend call every 6 weeks but I was previously a floor nurse on a neuro/PCU floor and I miss my skills! I applied to the CCU which would be 12's and back to every other weekend which I didn't miss because of my family but honestly I'm so busy during the week now I save all my chores for the weekend and feel like I see less of them. BUT I also am considering becoming a CRNA. Any thoughts/ideas?