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  1. Best stethoscope?

    Thank you! I’ll definitely check it out!
  2. Best stethoscope?

    Good idea! Thank you again!
  3. Best stethoscope?

    Thank you!!
  4. Best stethoscope?

    Hi Everyone! I'm in the process of purchasing scrubs, shoes, and a stethoscope for my clinical starting in January. Excuse me while I scream because I finally made it to this point! I need to purchase a stethoscope that does NOT have a floating...
  5. Nursing School Shoes?

    Thank you so much! That's such a good idea. Never even thought to try that out!
  6. Nursing School Shoes?

    Hi everyone! I start my clinical rotations for nursing school next semester. I need to purchase a pair of shoes. They need to be slip resistant, and non permeable, so liquids don't seep through. They have to either be all white, or all black! I...