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My name is Klori, I am currently a nursing student at LIU, President of SNA, and Advocate for drug addiction, I am the founder of @NYCsurvivors 
I am a girl with a big story, who lives a life full of lessons. I am passionate and driven to achieve everything every goal I set for myself. 

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    Travel Nursing

    I am currently a nursing student, I graduate in May 2020. I have plans in moving to California once I graduate. However, I want to go the traveling nursing route. I wanted to know what agencies do y'all recommend and when do y'all think it's a good time for me to look for jobs.
  2. What!!!!!!!!!! That’s disgustingly wrong!! What did you do?
  3. I was in the nursing program at Long Island University. I was struggling so much in the program and I ended up failing two classes with less than .4. I always wanted to go to New York University school of nursing, I understand it's a insanely expensive but I know the program is really good. However, I am afraid that they won't accept me because I was once dismissed. My gpa 3.2 even after the to bad grades I got after the program, I also got really good letters of recommendation from Nurse Practitioners at my job at New York Presbyterian and my pharmacology professor, I just hope it helps my chances in getting in the program at NYU for January. Has anyone gotten failed out of a nursing program and successfully got into another program and actually graduated?