New Grad NICU RN!


Hi Friends! 

I'm back again with some amazing news! Remember in nursing school when everyone told us that every new nurse needs to have med surge experience in order to go into the ER, ICU, or any one demanding specialty? Well..... they were WRONG! on January 3rd I started my dream job in a NICU residency program in the 4th best hospital in the nation that has a level 4 NICU. I didn't have any pervious experiences in the NICU but I did have sooo much passion for it so I feel like they noticed in the interview. So my advice to anyone who wants to specialize in the NICU or any other demanding specialty have passion and show interest. Hospitals loveee nurses who want to be in a specific unit for a specific reason. Also, I know a lot of people don't have a cover letter because they think hospitals don't read it... but trusttt meeee people read it. So make sure you have a cover letter and a up to date resume and send it to everyone you email regarding that job position. 

We don't have to listen to the myths that all new grads need med surge experience first... pppfffttt!! WRONG! 

You got this guys!



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I love this. I just got my first offer in a nicu too!


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I got my first offer in the NICU as well! Starting in a few weeks 🙂

Congrats! I am a new grad as well and chose not to start in med-surg either 🙂