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  1. Navicent Health/Children's Hospital

    Thank you so much!
  2. COVID-19: Antibody testing vs Positive Test

    following this thread
  3. Got My Vaccine Yesterday

    following this thread I'm getting the first vaccine tomorrow
  4. Start nursing school at 59?

    I had several classmates in my nursing school that were older and they've made phenomenal nurses!
  5. Can't deal with rude, unfair colleagues

    following this thread. fellow introvert here
  6. BSN to DNP

    Following this thread
  7. Strange Question

    That is a strange request! Did you get the job?
  8. New specialty bullying?

    Following this thread
  9. NICU babes dress-up for Halloween

    I think this is so sweet!
  10. Challenges of working in the NICU?

    Following this post as I’ll be starting in nicu soon!
  11. Shadow Interview Tips?

    Hi! I followed your last post and wanted to get input on your last hospital. I will be starting as a NICU nurse there and I'm worried about what you said about the bullying environment. Allnurses won't let me send a private message to you but could y...
  12. Normal new grad feelings or not feeling NICU?

    How is it going on the unit for you now?
  13. New Grad NICU!

    I found this super helpful. I'll look into some of those books! Thanks
  14. New Grad NICU RN!

    I love this. I just got my first offer in a nicu too!
  15. Navicent Health/Children's Hospital

    Hi, I just recently accepted a position at Navicent Health in their NICU and I will be on night shift too once I'm off orientation. Could you tell me or private message me what your experience was like. I'll be moving especially for this job to ...