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  1. Pre.Nurse_tobe

    CRNA School and Debt Advice

    Incredible that you own a house in Southern California! We moved out of San Diego 6 years Anyway, I would throw any and all extra cash made from the sale of the home to your existing student loans. Saving it may be tempting in order to create a comfortable nest egg for future school expenses, but there are always scholarships you can apply for to help offset school costs. If I were in your shoes, I would start by paying off the student loans with the highest interest rates first. Once I’ve eliminated a couple of high interest rate loans, I would then switch to paying off the loans in order from smallest dollar amount to largest dollar amount despite the interest rate. By the time you are in CRNA school you may have paid off several grand on your own!
  2. Pre.Nurse_tobe

    MANE Colleges (Minnesota)

    Anyone else here applying to the community colleges that bridge to a Metropolitan State for the BSN completion?
  3. Pre.Nurse_tobe

    TEAS exam failure

    If you’re young (20s/30s), time shouldn’t be a factor. Retirement age is 65+...you’ll have many years to work. I’m 32 and just submitted my applications yesterday. If I don’t get in, I’ll apply next round! Check how many times you can retake the test and go for it. Don’t give up just yet.
  4. Pre.Nurse_tobe

    I failed my first attempt on TEAS

    Hey there. I got a 65% (passing/proficient score) my first try not knowing what to expect. My second try I got an 81% (passing/advanced score)....I took the second test three weeks apart after the first one. I purchased a study book from amazon and read it from cover to cover, word for word! I memorized and practiced as much as I could. I also made flash cards and create mnemonics to help with my memory. As you said, websites do help. Just google practice tests! You can do it!
  5. I’ve been reading a lot more haha! I also applied to two nursing programs!