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  1. If there is socialized medicine in the US, our RN licenses will not be worth the paper they are printed on. How much are the nurses making in countries where socialized medicine is practiced?
  2. gizmo12

    Advice from acute/critical care NP's

    I really appreciate the information. I have never understood the secrecy.
  3. gizmo12

    Advice from acute/critical care NP's

    "I enjoy what I do and have no regrets about my decision to pursue ACNP. However, I have to admit that the pay doesn't seem to commensurate the amount of work we do." Do you think it is because they trained you that you are getting paid less that the amount of work you are doing would seem to warant? Do the PA-Cs get paid more?
  4. gizmo12

    NP in Austin

    What do you mean there are NPs everywhere?
  5. gizmo12

    NP to CRNA

    What made you make that decision? How long were you an NP before you applied to CRNA school?
  6. gizmo12

    NP to CRNA

    Has anyone here ever known of someone who is an advance practice RN that applied to CRNA school? Thank you
  7. gizmo12

    Neuro Textbooks

    Has anyone heard about or read this book? Neuroanatomy through Clinical Cases by Hal Blumenfeld, Yale University School of Medicine. Thank you
  8. gizmo12

    parkland critical care and trauma internship

    I was offered an all inclusive ICU internship almost a year ago and I am an ADN (with a previous BA degree). I was VERY impressed with the program and the people, but I turned it down for a variety of reasons. The biggest reason was the time commitment. With the internship included, it was almost three years.
  9. gizmo12

    How useful is EMT-B cert as an RN?

    I have an EMT-B as well. It doesn't really help with nursing much, but hey, it is already finished, it is easy to keep up so why not keep it. I would love to finish my EMT training one day....
  10. gizmo12

    Austin Area Pay Rates

    Thanks. I grew up there and I am contemplating moving back.
  11. gizmo12

    Austin Area Pay Rates

    What are the differentials like?
  12. gizmo12

    Austin Area Pay Rates

    I work in an ICU in Dallas but I am thinking of moving to Austin. Does anyone know what kind of pay rate I could get with one year of experience? Thank you
  13. gizmo12

    Racism in the workplace

    I have had and seen other patients ask to talk to a nurse who is black, even when they are not the nurse for that patient. I do feel offended because I do my best to take care of everyone to the best of my ability. I also see nurses who are black come in and check on patients that are not theirs, when the patient is black. I guess just to make sure that "the white nurse is actually taking care of them." Racism goes both ways, and I am tired of the double standard.