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PPDS Evaluation

I am getting a new job and I was told I have to take a PPDS test. It is for critical care and it tests things like PE, MI, etc. You have to write down all the information you know about them..what to do, have to spot them, etc. This is in response to a video of someone faking like the condition is happening to them. Does anyone have any additional information on this test? Like what else is on it......

Kerrigan 06 specializes in CVICU.

It's PBDS, for Performance Based Development System. Do a search and some threads with good information will come up. Some of the input from other posters helped me to feel less anxious before taking the test.

All_Smiles_RN specializes in Cardiology.

I took the test about 6 months ago and yes it is video format. they also include on the test page pertinent labs and vitals. you simply state what you assess, use the labs/vitals to support your assessment, explain what you would do immediately... as simple as raise head of bed etc... say that you would call the doc and what you would tell him.

my problem with this test is that they also want us to give a diagnosis. im not a diagnostician, im an RN. When I wasn't sure what it was, my diagnosis was the main complaint, such as abd pain.

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