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  1. Massachusetts Good Moral Character Timeline

    I'm took 6 months to complete the whole process. I don't know what its like now with things opening back up, but from when I registered in early June, it took until November to get my ATT and I tested right away so I passed in mid to late ...
  2. New Grad applying for NCCU

    Hello Everyone, I am a new grad looking for a job in neuro critical care unit. Does anyone have any helpful tips on how to find a position like this with no critical care experience? Is there a short route to being able to land in a position suc...
  3. "Good Moral Character" Review Board/Past DUI Question

    Hello, I just want to update everyone about the status of my application for Mass GMC approval. The Board finally approved my application after 12 weeks! My girlfriend who is an attorney wrote them an email basically saying we would like an update to...
  4. ATT for good moral character evaluation in Massachusetts

    Hey I am also curious about how this went and how long it took to receive the Board's approval to test. I am in a similar situation and still waiting to hear back from the Board. Any info on how long this took would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Massachusetts Good Moral Character Timeline

    Hi Guys, I have submitted all of my documentation from a 2009 DUI misdemeanor case to the Massachusetts Board of Nursing and am still waiting to hear back. They have received all of the paperwork over 10 weeks ago now. Any insight into how long this ...
  6. Good Moral Character Approval Timeline

    Hello! I know these are unprecedented times with coronavirus, but if anyone has any information about the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing "Good Moral Character" process, I would greatly appreciate it! If someone has gone through t...
  7. COVID and MASS BORN GMC Approval HELP!

    I have submitted all my documentation to MASS GMC for review over 9 weeks ago! How long does this process take to get approval for a 2009 DUI during this public health crisis??? Any info will help! Thank you!
  8. "Good Moral Character" Review Board/Past DUI Question

    Hey there, I am going through a similar predicament as I have had to submit documents to the Board for GMC evaluation for a 2009 DUI. They have received all of the paperwork over 9 weeks ago now and was wondering what ended up happening with your cas...
  9. Good Moral Character Approval Timeline

    Hey Guys, I have a DUI from 11 years ago and have submitted all of my documentation for the Good Moral Character requirement to MASS BORN. I graduated in May and have gone through hell trying to get all of the documents to them, partly due to CO...
  10. Low GPA

    Thank you guys for your advice. I was also looking at Radiology Technologist programs. However, they also seem very competitive and stringent about applicants' GPA. It would be ideal to enroll in a one year certification in some technologist position...
  11. Low GPA

    New England Tech's 4 year Bachelors program only requires a Kaplan entrance test to get accepted, but it's still a lot of money and time. I would love to capitalize off my degree already. If I take a couple more courses, will schools combine that wit...
  12. Low GPA

    Hey guys, so I'm a wannabe nurse and I completed my undergrad with a 2.69 GPA UNFORTUNATELY. So I took a Biochem course at middlesex and a stats course and organic chem course at umass lowell. Although, I did well in these courses. I still feel that ...
  13. 2.35 GPA too low for Acc Bacc BSN Program?

    Hi 2BJenurse, may I also have this list? My email is Thanks!