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  1. Strivetothrive

    ATT for good moral character evaluation in Massachusetts

    Hey I am also curious about how this went and how long it took to receive the Board's approval to test. I am in a similar situation and still waiting to hear back from the Board. Any info on how long this took would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Strivetothrive

    COVID and MASS BORN GMC Approval HELP!

    I have submitted all my documentation to MASS GMC for review over 9 weeks ago! How long does this process take to get approval for a 2009 DUI during this public health crisis??? Any info will help! Thank you!
  3. Strivetothrive

    Low GPA

    Thank you guys for your advice. I was also looking at Radiology Technologist programs. However, they also seem very competitive and stringent about applicants' GPA. It would be ideal to enroll in a one year certification in some technologist position and then apply from there. Sorry if I'm jumping around, I just seem pretty lost and overwhelmed at all these options. I figured I would take advantage of living with my dad and maybe attend some part time program, while working, in order to appeal to school requirements.
  4. Strivetothrive

    Low GPA

    New England Tech's 4 year Bachelors program only requires a Kaplan entrance test to get accepted, but it's still a lot of money and time. I would love to capitalize off my degree already. If I take a couple more courses, will schools combine that with my undergrad GPA?
  5. Strivetothrive

    Low GPA

    Hey guys, so I'm a wannabe nurse and I completed my undergrad with a 2.69 GPA UNFORTUNATELY. So I took a Biochem course at middlesex and a stats course and organic chem course at umass lowell. Although, I did well in these courses. I still feel that I won't get accepted into any ABSN program. I really don't want to start at the associates level and do another 4 years after getting my B.S. in biology from UNH 6 years ago. I also hear mixed reviews about CNA school and don't want to waste time there. What is the best course of action to sell myself to an easy acceptance accelerated program north of the Boston area? Thank you for your comments/suggestions. All the best.
  6. Strivetothrive

    2.35 GPA too low for Acc Bacc BSN Program?

    Hi 2BJenurse, may I also have this list? My email is matthewgrdn4@gmail.com Thanks!