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Good Moral Character Approval Timeline

by Strivetothrive Strivetothrive (New) New

Hey Guys,

I have a DUI from 11 years ago and have submitted all of my documentation for the Good Moral Character requirement to MASS BORN. I graduated in May and have gone through hell trying to get all of the documents to them, partly due to COVID. 

It has been 9 weeks since they RECEIVED all of the docs and was wondering if anyone has gone through this experience with COVID going on or has an idea of how long it takes to get a response. I haven't found much information on how long this process takes so I can sit for my NCLEX, but I have so eager to at least get a response back!

Any information on how long this process takes or what is going on right now with this, I would greatly appreciate it. I know mass.gov says it takes at least 8 weeks since everything is received so I have been patient, but would love some further insight!

Thank you!


I know these are unprecedented times with coronavirus, but if anyone has any information about the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing "Good Moral Character" process, I would greatly appreciate it! If someone has gone through this process pre-COVID and knows how long it takes that would also be beneficial. They have all of my documentation for over 10 weeks now and am curious if this is their usual timeline or if it takes longer/shorter? It would be great to hear from anyone if they have some more insight into this process as I am getting pretty desperate. Please help if you can shine some light on this matter. If not, should I write them another email? I have contacted them asking just about every 2 weeks starting at the 4 week mark. 

Thank you thank you thank you!