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Massachusetts Good Moral Character Timeline

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Hi Guys, I have submitted all of my documentation from a 2009 DUI misdemeanor case to the Massachusetts Board of Nursing and am still waiting to hear back. They have received all of the paperwork over 10 weeks ago now. Any insight into how long this process takes would be greatly appreciated.

At this point, I am pretty desperate into gaining some information regarding this process. On their mass.gov site they say it can take at least 8 weeks to receive a decision from when they receive all of the paperwork.


I have contacted them starting at the 4 week mark every 2 weeks now and am wondering if I should email them again this week?! However, they did respond to my last email 2 weeks ago so I really am not sure what to do at this point. My student loans will be due in a couple months and I am starting to get nervous about what to do! 

Any information about this process either pre-COVID or over the Summer would be so helpful.


Take care guys and thank you!

How long did it end up talking to get through the GMC process? I’m in the same boat at the moment.

5 hours ago, Amyc said:

How long did it end up talking to get through the GMC process? I’m in the same boat at the moment.

I'm sorry...it took 6 months to complete the whole process. I don't know what its like now with things opening back up, but from when I registered in early June, it took until November to get my ATT and I tested right away so I passed in mid to late November. And even then I had to email them pretty much every two weeks including an attorney writing to them at the end to speed the process along.  I would get every document they request from you in to them and follow their directions to a T because they will email you back and request the proper files (even when things were closed during covid). Hope this helps and comment back if you have any more questions.

Thank you. I’ve actually been licensed in the state of FL since 2014 and have applied for license reciprocity as I’m supposed to be working at a camp in MA for the Summer. I have turned in my court records 3x, 3 of which were express shipped and signed for and they’re are saying they “didn’t receive “, even thought I have proof and a signature saying it was delivered. I am so frustrated I have a contract and plane tickets for June 16 but am thinking this is not going to happen. All because of a disorderly intoxication charge from 2008, 13 yrs ago. Ugh