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  1. campfirekitten

    NAU FNP Summer 2019- anyone else?

    I have not made my final decision yet between GCU and NAU. I’m not sure why this decision is so hard for me... I suppose it’s because of the time length commitment. Either school will be awesome, so it’s hard to decide.
  2. campfirekitten

    NAU FNP Summer 2019- anyone else?

    Well ladies.... the more I look at the situation- the more I’m sure I’m going with GCU after all! It seems that clinical set up is the only advantage NAU has over GCU and the clinical sites may be far away.... that, and I loved my BSN at GCU. Still don’t know for sure... but leaning heavily towards GCU.
  3. campfirekitten

    NAU FNP Summer 2019- anyone else?

    Hello! I am hoping to find other nurses out there that have been accepted to the NAU FNP program- with a start date of summer/fall 2019! It would be great to have others to talk to that are in the same program. Speak up!
  4. campfirekitten

    NAU FNP- how long till acceptance

    Hello! I'm new here so please forgive me if this was asked elsewhere. I just applied for the NAU FNP program about a month ago (july 2018) for the summer or fall semester (requested summer start)- does anyone know how long it takes before you find out if you are accepted or not? The deadline for applying is Dec. 2nd....I'm hoping that I don't have to wait until after that date to find out.