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Hello! I'm enrolled in GCU's May start date for Masters FNP and hoping to find others that are as well! Anyone?


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Hi campfirekitten, how was the MSN FNP of GCU so far? Did they help you with financial aid and scholarships? I'm considering GCU as well.

Hello! So far so good at GCU for their FNP! Granted- I had an advisor that was not responsive and some financial aide and scholarship funding use issues that I had to go past my cricket noises advisor to their bosses.... but it got straightened out. I’ve only been with my new advisor for a short time so I cannot really speak on how that will go, but my BSN advisor rocked- so I’m having faith!

Instructor wise and course wise- I’m enjoying it! Lots of work, but relevant topics that I feel will help me going forward!

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@campfirekitten, BSN, RN

I enrolled for the MSN-FNP online at GCU thinking of starting May 2020. How's the program so far?

Also, if you don't mind answering my question regarding the very first day of the online class for the FNP program. We are visiting family overseas and returning to US May 8 and the class starts May 7. The trip cannot be moved (haven't seen family for almost 10 years & finally we'll see them soon). Is there a test or rigorous studying right off the bat? I would like to get your opinion, so I can at least make an informed decision to whether I should move my start date.

Good luck, I appreciate your time and thank you in advance.

So far so good with GCU for their FNP! As far as first day goes- as long as you can post your short personal bio on the class wall, which takes about 5 minutes, you should be fine to hit the rest starting day two- in my opinion. Yay for you!!!!

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Thank you campfirekitten, I appreciate your input ???



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Looking into GCU for my FNP! How often do you need to go online? Anyone know how often the program starts?

thank you!

Hello! The program for FNP at GCU had 3 start times per year. You just be online a minimum of 3 days per week- of your choosing. Although I would warn that the advanced classes take a lot of time, regardless of the minimum 3 days required.


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I am finishing up my BSN through GCU and thinking of continuing on for my MSN-FNP. How long will it take you? Do you work as well? What kinds of things are you doing for the classes? Is it clinical time or is it mostly writing papers? Is it much more expensive than the BSN program? Thank you for all the info!!

Hello! I believe the program runs near 40,000 once all is said and done. I do work full time- but I’m finding it doable. Barely. But doable. The first 4 classes are mainly just writing. Once the advanced classes start- there is a year of what they call the 3 Ps (advanced patho, advanced pharm, and advanced physical assessment). After that- there are 3 clinical courses- each 16 weeks long that cover information on clinical reasoning while you complete 225 hours of clinical time in each course (for a total of 675. I just started the 1st of the 3 P classes- so I don’t have any information for you as to the clinical portion other than the hour requirements. The first few clases are 8 weeks, then the classes become 16 weeks long starting with the 3ps. You get breaks of a week or two on a few occasions- but not often.
Hope this helps!

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@campfirekitten a question please if you don’t mind replying at all .?

So, I received my program schedule from GCU and I would like to know if you had similar program schedule. In between my NUR-550 and NUR-631, I have the whole month of November and December until Jan. 6 the next year pretty much not scheduled. Did you have the similar program schedule? It’s like 2 months off after the first 6 months into the program. Any info helps, I also intend to ask my counselor as well but it’s also nice to know other’s experiences. Thanks a bunch and please stay healthy. ??

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