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Megan1977 has 37 years experience as a MSN, EdD, RN and specializes in Medical policy: nurse educator: case mgt.

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  1. Megan1977

    What to do about DNP and flu shot?

  2. Megan1977

    What to do about DNP and flu shot?

  3. Megan1977

    What to do about DNP and flu shot?

  4. OP Please do not give up on nursing yet. You have so many successes already- you made it through nursing school and passed the NCLEX- not easy to do. I recommend that you try dialysis nursing- Dialysis is very new- graduate friendly. You get paid while going through training and will always have at least one other nurse with you. There is plenty of opportunity to use your critical thinking skills, yet not be overwhelmed. Private message me if you need some guidance. Blessings to you I have 37 years as a RN and I would struggle horribly to take good care of 7 patients in acute.
  5. Megan1977

    What to do about DNP and flu shot?

  6. Megan1977

    Seeking advice/information

    Dealing with the BRN is a completely different experience altogether. Seriously- your friend needs a BRN attorney ASAP!! It is not a level playing field.
  7. Megan1977

    Millennial Nurses Have Issues

    This “article” is somewhat confusing. I am not sure if it is it is poorly written or poorly edited. Too bad because I think the author has some interesting points to make.
  8. Megan1977

    I Was Fired...for Being Abrasive and Having Attitude

    ^^^ this is 100% real
  9. Megan1977

    Today I get my life back

  10. Megan1977

    Failed drug screen before ever utilizing license

    ^^^ this 100% You showed incredible poor judgement in choosing to use an illegal substance and you definitely have the potential to put the public at risk. SMH
  11. Megan1977

    Patient Abuse/Nepotism

    Pretty much the response I expected. LOL
  12. Megan1977

    Patient Abuse/Nepotism

    If this is truly the situation at your facility then the issue should not be about you and your desire to stay. The issue is abuse and you can report that now- like right now- to the BRN. Stop worrying about the possibility of losing your job and step up for the helpless patients that you are supposed to be advocating for. I really have zero tolerance for your poor me attitude OP.
  13. Megan1977

    Bleach wipes

    Being fired from the dialysis job is going to be used against you- one of the questions on the application to terminate probation asks about any jobs that you have been fired from. Also I am thinking that there were other issues involved in your termination- the bleach sniffing was probably the easiest way to terminate.
  14. My probation monitor gave me 3 names of board approved MDs. Contact your probation monitor and good luck. My exam cost me $1500.
  15. Megan1977

    CA Probation early release

    Congratulations!! That is an amazing achievement- the CA BRN is tough.
  16. This ^^^100%. If you can do the essential job duties without need for accommodation, you do not have to share any of your medical history.

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