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    Recommend NCLEX RN review

    I need your recommendation, didn't pass the first time, now I wanna try my luck the 2nd time around...which of the following review program do you think can help me pass? : Kaplan UWorld Hurst NCSBN Rachell Allen I appreciate your help. Thank you so much! (I just purchased a review book Saunders 7th edition. And I have La Charity)
  2. Charm1981

    Recommend NCLEX RN review

    Thank you very much! You are heaven sent to me. God bless you...hopefully i will pass this time!
  3. Charm1981

    Recommend NCLEX RN review

    Congratulations! Thank you for the kind words. I will surely try UWorld.
  4. Charm1981

    Recommend NCLEX RN review

    Thank you!
  5. Charm1981

    Recommend NCLEX RN review

    Thank you so much for the good vibes...i really need that now. God bless you!
  6. Charm1981

    Recommend NCLEX RN review

    Thank you so much! It's actually ok because I anticipated it cuz days before i took the exam I got really sick with high fever for two days and positive strep 8 days before the exam, so my doctor prescribed antibiotics for 5 days. The infection is gone but i did not have enough rest and sleep cuz I still studied the day before the exam. I anticipated I wont pass but still kept going. Hopefully on my 2nd try i wont get sick and will have more time to study and more focused. Thank you for the suggestions and for wishing me luck! Hopefully this time I will pass. God bless you and congrats on your success!
  7. Charm1981

    Feb 2017 PASSED NCLEX without Kaplan

    Congratulations! I also have la charity and it's the only book used, maybe I should go for a review center 2 pass the 2nd time around.
  8. Charm1981

    When can I send repeat application form?

    So i can send right away? What if I forgot the month on the 'Last exam applied for'? I remember it was last year, I just forgot the month. Thank you!
  9. Hello everyone! I have a question, see I took nclex exam july 5, 2017 but found out didn't pass on july 7. But i got the letter july 12. Can i fill the form for repeat exam now and send it? Help pls. Tnx