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  1. New RN Already Making Mistakes

    I understand your anguish! I've been off orientation for 6 weeks and some days are horrible and leave me feeling like I wish I was still in school? Thank you for posting this question; reading all these comments has made me feel better. Exercise ha...
  2. I'm a new nurse. I started out on days on my stroke unit. It's really busy and often short staffed during my day shift. The nurses help eachother as much as they can. I think the big thing is, are you a day person or a night person? I am totally ...
  3. Masks and sore throats/sinus issues?

    We wear those crappy surgical masks at work. When I work 2-3 days in a row, I cough alot when I first get up then usually feel better. Recently, the hospital switched to lower quality surgical masks and today my lungs and throat hurt. I can't tell...
  4. New Grad 3 Interviews Same Hospital

    Navelyn- I took a position in a neuro unit and also got a day shift?. All the questions were behavioral- what would you do if: you had a difficult patient, why are you a good candidate, whats your personality, tell me how you treat others. Also, it...
  5. As a new grad nurse who just worked my first 4 shifts on the floor with my preceptor, I completely agree. My clinicals did not provide sufficient experience and my school does not have the capstone at the end where you are one on on with a hospital ...
  6. Work Shoes?

    I wear ASICS gel venture. They come in wide width- I have wide feet and high arches. No more planter fasciitis since I switched.
  7. What just happened?!

    Thanks for sharing. I think this stuff is so interesting!
  8. I'm a new grad with 3 interviews at the same hospital. Yesterday I had a brief phone interview for a neuro ICU step down unit and the manager told me that she is going to tell HR to call my references and if everything checks out, I'd be getting an ...
  9. Researching Hospitals

    What's the best way to find objective information about a hospital before an interview? Right now, I'm looking at the hospital compare and Google topics. I have an interview for a local hospital that I don't know alot about. Thank you...
  10. New Grad working in a COVID hospital

    Thank you for your responses. This will be my first interview and it is in a covid only hospital. I'm assuming they are hiring more nurses to eventually reopen as a fullfledged hospital based on the variety of positions they have posted.
  11. New Grad working in a COVID hospital

    I just graduated from nursing school, taking the NCLEX 6/5/2020. I have an interview at a COVID only hospital. I'm having second thoughts- would this be a bad place for a new nurse to start?
  12. School Pretty Much Canceled Clinical

    Be glad that your school has a plan!! We are still waiting for answers from ours. They’ve switched to on Lin classes, but still have to get the secure testing for us to do tests from home. They said they are working on a replacement for clinicals to...
  13. What are your schools doing about COVID and clinical?

    Are any schools replacing clinicals with something else?
  14. Nursing schools

    I'm in my last semester at a community college associates program. They have great NCLEX passing rates, but I can tell you that most of the students in my class feel like we are lacking in clinical skills and that our clinical rotations have been li...
  15. I'm in level 3 of an associate RN program. All semester I have been doing poorly on my tests in school, but I've gotten the full points on all the HESI tests. Is this weird? I feel like there's something wrong with the tests that the teachers are m...