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New Grad working in a COVID hospital


I just graduated from nursing school, taking the NCLEX 6/5/2020. I have an interview at a COVID only hospital. I'm having second thoughts- would this be a bad place for a new nurse to start?

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I think COVID has definitely made things harder for new grads but honestly, covid will be at any hospital. If this is your only job offer and you aren’t immunocompromised, then go for it. Since the pandemic has hit, jobs have been very hard to come by. I have experience in a critical care environment and have struggled to try to find another job. Prior to this, I never had trouble landing a job.


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The risk will exist no matter where you go. At least on an in-patient covid unit you know who/what you're dealing with... as opposed to say in the ER where you don't initially know what's coming through the door sometimes minutes apart.

No matter what is going on in the world, you have approach each patient by keeping in mind their potential of having a communicable/infectious disease (ex. Covid, CDiff, Ebola, HIV/AIDS, MRSA, etc)... Never get too comfortable!

Make sure you're knowledgeable about routine practices and additional precautions for preventing transmission. For example, watch your needles! One of the most common incidents I've seen in nursing students/new grad has been needle stick injuries. Refresh your knowledge of routine practice/universal precautions.

I really feel for all new grads right now. God, what a time to be entering the workforce. Keep safe!

Thank you for your responses. This will be my first interview and it is in a covid only hospital. I'm assuming they are hiring more nurses to eventually reopen as a fullfledged hospital based on the variety of positions they have posted.