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New Grad 3 Interviews Same Hospital


I'm a new grad with 3 interviews at the same hospital. Yesterday I had a brief phone interview for a neuro ICU step down unit and the manager told me that she is going to tell HR to call my references and if everything checks out, I'd be getting an offer within a week. Is this standard procedure? It seems weird to me that she could decide that quickly. Today, I have a Facetime interview for an orthopedic/spine post-op floor and tomorrow I have an in-person interview for a telemetry floor. If I get multiple offers, what criteria should I use to help me decide? Is it weird how quickly the first interview progressed? Should I try to find someone who works at the hospital to get an insider's input? I have been a nurse assistant in this hospital system for 2 years, but have not worked at this specific hospital. They are all fulltime night positions. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you for your help!

Hi! CONGRATS on all the interviews! Did you end up accepting one? Do you mind sharing what kind of interview questions do they ask new grads? I have an interview sometime next week and nervous about it!

Navelyn- I took a position in a neuro unit and also got a day shift😁. All the questions were behavioral- what would you do if: you had a difficult patient, why are you a good candidate, whats your personality, tell me how you treat others. Also, it was helpful to Google Nursing interview questions. Nurse Sarah(nurseRN.com) had a good list