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    NYP Weil-Cornell non union

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    NYP Weil-Cornell non union

    I'm currently a pca at lenox hill. I went for an interview for a nurse aide position at nyp Weill-Cornell which went well. I like the fact that its 12 hour shifts so I would only work 3 days a week versus the 5+ I work now. However, it is non union which is really a bummer! The recruiter mentioned some of the other hospitals within nyp are union represented, however the Weil-Cornell campus is not one of them. Also the pay is slightly less although nothing I'd write home about. I'm applying to nursing school in February and if accepted I would start September 2020. The union I'm in offers a stipend program to full time employees which allows you to have 2 days off a week but still get paid for it while in school. Also the union would pay the entire tuition of nursing school which I'm not sure I want to give u. Does anyone currently work at Weil-Cornell that can offer some insight on their benefits? What are the pros and cons of union vs non union? I would appreciate any advice! Thanks!

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