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  1. Hello Everyone, My name is Jess and right now my husband and I live in Maryland. I am graduating with my BSN in May. I currently work in Multi-Trauma IMC as a patient care tech in downtown Baltimore (lots of gunshot wounds, stab victims, MVAs, Pedstrucks, MX substance abuse, and suicide attempts). My senior praticum is in a Mother Baby unit in downtown Baltimore. My husband is getting a new job in the Vegas area and we have family there as well. We are moving to the Vegas or Henderson area in July, so the August start dates for the new grad programs would be perfect. We have two toddlers, so any neighborhood recommendations to move to would be great. If anyone knows any recruiters or if you work on L&D or Mother Baby and have openings on your unit please reach out to me~ jedmonson@umaryland.edu My passion is L&D and Mother Baby, I had clinicals on these units last semester at Johns Hopkins in downtown Baltimore and I was glowing the entire time (it was could 9 for me). People kept telling me, "wow, this really suits you, you would be perfect for L&D"! I really just felt so happy getting to work with moms and babies (probably because I'm a mom and love babies). As you can imagine, lots of NAS babies and birth complications in DT Baltimore. I love my co-workers on the Multi-Trauma unit that I work on now and they all love my work ethic and they want me to work on the unit when I graduate, but we are moving states and my true passion is working with moms and babies. What hospitals would you recommend for New Grad L&D or MB units in the Henderson or Vegas area? Thank you so much for reading! I look forward to hearing your recommendations Blessings, Jess
  2. Melikesflowers

    UMSON Fall 2018

    Has anyone reviewed A&P yet or cracked any books? One of the seniors during orientation said that buying all the books would be a waste of money and not to buy books until you know what you'll actually need after the 1st week of school, so I'm gonna wait to buy books. I'm used to recording and transcribing lectures but I'm pretty sure that most of the classes are video recorded which is awesome. I'm excited about the GSS (guided study sessions). Not excited about having to learn massive amounts of info in short periods of time. Will anyone be working during the Fall, if so what will you be doing? Anyone else have kiddos (I have two under 3)? Feeling very excited and nervous about our 1st semester :)
  3. Melikesflowers

    UMSON Fall 2018

    Bumping this thread, how's everyone doing? We have orientation on the 23rd (for Baltimore campus) right? Anyone know the deets yet? Also, is everyone compliant with Castlebranch? Hope everyone is having a great Summer!
  4. Melikesflowers

    ATI TEAS Advice

    Here's a link on how a guy got a 97 overall on his TEAS: https://allnurses.com/teas-exam-help/how-i-got-1078365.html As someone who is currently studying for the TEAS, I highly recommend his method. Do a practice test 1st to assess where your weaknesses are. From there you can use your time wisely to work on your weaknesses and brush up on your strengths. Continue to use the practice tests from mometrix and ATI to further assess and study effectively. I didn't buy the books, my college library had the updated ones. So, I would check your local libraries, if you don't want to pay anything. You can google free online TEAS practice exams and use those as well. There's also apps on your phone you can get to study for the TEAS. There are plenty of resources. Creating and practicing flashcards only goes so far. You have to practice the math problems, practice reading passages and being tested on them, practice identifying proper grammar, etc. Here is a website that has TEAS resource and study materials: English and Language Usage Review and practice! Then assess where you are with practice tests and review and practice s'more!

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