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New Grad BSN looking for L&D or Mother Baby or NICU in Las Vegas or Henderson

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Hello Everyone,

  My name is Jess and right now my husband and I live in Maryland. I am graduating with my BSN in May. I currently work in Multi-Trauma IMC as a patient care tech in downtown Baltimore (lots of gunshot wounds, stab victims, MVAs, Pedstrucks, MX substance abuse, and suicide attempts). My senior praticum is in a Mother Baby unit in downtown Baltimore. My husband is getting a new job in the Vegas area and we have family there as well. We are moving to the Vegas or Henderson area in July, so the August start dates for the new grad programs would be perfect. We have two toddlers, so any neighborhood recommendations to move to would be great.   

  If anyone knows any recruiters or if you work on L&D or Mother Baby and have openings on your unit please reach out to me~ jedmonson@umaryland.edu

 My passion is L&D and Mother Baby, I had clinicals on these units last semester at Johns Hopkins in downtown Baltimore and I was glowing the entire time (it was could 9 for me). People kept telling me, "wow, this really suits you, you would be perfect for L&D"! I really just felt so happy getting to work with moms and babies (probably because I'm a mom and love babies). As you can imagine, lots of NAS babies and birth complications in DT Baltimore. I love my co-workers on the Multi-Trauma unit that I work on now and they all love my work ethic and they want me to work on the unit when I graduate, but we are moving states and my true passion is working with moms and babies. 

What hospitals would you recommend for New Grad L&D or MB units in the Henderson or Vegas area? 

Thank you so much for reading! I look forward to hearing your recommendations 😊




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Try the Valley Health System. They are the "friendliest" for new grads going into specialties. HCA (Sunrise Health) also has new grad programs. UMC will occasionally take new graduates. 

As far as neighborhood recommendations, avoid anything on the east side of Las Vegas. 

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