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  1. So I will be done with my LPN program at the end of April and my graduation should be in May. Financially, I'm pretty much in a situation where I need to have some kind of money rolling in by May or the beginning of June and I was wondering how long the hiring process is for LPN. When you apply, do you typically hear back from employers in a few days or a few months? Also, how soon are you allowed to take the NCLEX? Do you literally have to wait until after graduation in order to take it or can you take it once classes are done? I have been studying for the NCLEX pretty heavily for the last two months. Aside from my usual studying for my current class, I do about 30-35 NCLEX questions a day and review things I may have forgotten.
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    Dealing with Pets

    Hey guys! So I'm in school to be an LPN and the end goal is to be a CRNA. In the meantime, I wanted to do Home Health Nursing when I graduate LPN school all the way up until I get my BSN. I'd rather do that than to work at an ECF with a 40:1 ratio. HOWEVER...one thing that kinda makes me a bit hesitant is that I am absolutely terrified of dogs and I'm not a big fan of cats. Basically anything that's not in a tank or some type of cage 24/7 is a NO for me. I was wondering if this would be an issue or if there is some kind of flexibility with picking your patients.
  3. So at this very moment im on class #10 out of 13 and I still feel like I know very little about nursing. Granted I do pass all my tests. I haven't gotten anything under an 82 so far(I've failed a few quizzes though) but it's like once I'm in clinicals and my instructor asks me a question my mind just freezes and suddenly becomes empty. However if that SAME exact question were to be on an exam, I'd get it right without a doubt in my mind. It worries me because in the real world I'm not gonna have a pen and paper and a minute to think about my answer. I'm going to have to think quickly. I notice in my class that the good test takers are usually not so great at clinicals and the people that are BARELY passing the exams are really good when it comes to our skills check-off. I feel like if I had to choose one or the other, I'd choose to be a good hands-on person because that's what really matters when you need to save a person's life. Is anyone else like this? How do you deal?
  4. So I'm currently in LPN school but my end goal is to be a CRNA. I was just doing some research on CRNA schools in the Tri-State Area. I was looking at the admission requirements for Columbia University and I see that it says you only need an Associates Degree in Nursing IF you already have a Bachelors Degree in a non-nursing field...which I do. My original plan was: LPN-->ADN-->BSN-->1-2 years nursing experience--> CRNA school The reason why I'm going this route despite having a bachelors already is because I tried to get into an Accelerated BSN program back in 2017 but my prereq grades were not good enough. Instead of spending a year taking them over again, I just decided to go to LPN school and work my way back up. That way, I'll be able to make decent money while pursuing the next level in nursing. However, if I can completely skip over the BSN program, that would really help a lot. My only fear is that I spend 1-2 years working right after my ADN with hopes of getting into Columbia and then I get rejected and end up having to get my BSN anyway in order to apply to other schools. So..is this ADN to CRNA really a thing? or just at Columbia? Let me know!
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    CRNA school with only an Associates Degree?

    wow thanks so much!
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    CRNA school with only an Associates Degree?

    ..yeah..long story short, life happened. But my GPA now is pretty strong. Nothing I can do about the past.
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    CRNA school with only an Associates Degree?

    I don't think you're being pessimistic. I appreciate your honest opinion because it's more or less what I was thinking anyway. And I believe you when you say CRNA school is extremely competitive. Even the ABSN program is competitive..especially in NY. I'm sure I would've been accepted if I was willing to relocate but that wasn't an option for me at the time. Im not sure where you live and whether or not you'd be willing to relocate but I was told that Barry University has a good crna program and is the easiest to get into in Florida. I think it's worth looking into if you haven't already.

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