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  1. Kaleighhhhhhh

    Pre nursing help!!

    Ok, that’s good to know. Ugh it’s super frustrating because I have my EMT and I’ve had so much patient contact in the last 5 years, just having to go back and get it is a bit frustrating. But thank you for the input! Just confirmed my suspicion.
  2. Kaleighhhhhhh

    Pre nursing help!!

    Thank you that’ll be good to look into, I think the evening option will be best for me but weighing out all the pros and cons!
  3. Kaleighhhhhhh

    Pre nursing help!!

    Hi so I moved to Raleigh from CT in November, so I am going to wait until the spring semester so I can get instate tuition. I have my bachelors in biology 2.7 gpa( yea I know...). I have my CT EMT (since 2015). I have a few questions.. Do I need to have a CNA for most nursing schools in the area? I was looking into wake tech but they require it and I really don’t want to drop $700 on it If I don’t have to. Also does anyone know of any more flexible programs in the arrangement that is evenings and weekends? I’m thinking of doing an ADN program because it is only 2 years and I can transfer about a quarter of the classes....also it’s more cost effective for me.
  4. Hey, so I graduated with my degree in biology from CT and just moved to Raleigh, NC... Does anyone know of any affordable and flexible programs? I plan on working full time and just intend on getting my ADN and then going for my bachelors. Any night/weekend programs or anything that is even online where clinicals are flexible??? I'm in dire need of help. How realistic are online nursing programs, anyone have any luck? Thank you so much, Kaleigh