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  1. I am experiencing a dilemma and would like some input. Before I became a nurse, I worked in a hospital in an non-clinical role. After a year and a half of working there a family member fell very ill and I was forced to quit immediately without a two weeks notice to care for said family member. My manager was not at work and unavailable to speak to me at the time, so I submitted my resignation in writing under her office door. When I tried to reach out to her, she would not take my calls. Later I found out that due to my not leaving with a two weeks notice, she placed me on the "do not hire" list. 3 years later, I am now an RN and have the opportunity to work as an acute dialysis nurse serving patients within the same hospital system. Will this present a problem for me working for the dialysis company? Can I still work as an employee for the dialysis company and service patients at the hospital where I am on their "do not hire" list?
  2. RD2731

    Ivy Tech APHY 102 Online

    I am excited to be posting my first question! I am currently a student at Ivy Tech excitedly preparing for the Nursing program in the Fall! This summer I am taking APHY 102 online at Ivy Tech. The text required for the class is Holes Human Anatomy and Physiology by Shier ISBN 9781308865836 and is a whooping $248 and the lab kit is sold separately. I was wondering if anyone has taken this course and/or purchased this text? I really want to get an idea of what this package entails. Does it come with specific assignments within the text or a lab manual? Does it come with an access code to online assignments like Pearson? Is it necessary I buy this specific text or can I purchase the standard Holes Human A&P and do just fine? I am really trying to avoid spending $248 when I found another Holes Human A&P text book that might work for substantially less. I truly appreciate any information or advice anyone has to give!