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  1. amoxycilli

    Bsn graduate from philippines planning to work as cna in colorado

    I have the same issue here. Don’t know if I need cgfns CES report for endorsement from Cali. DORA never replied, appreciate if you have any updates ?
  2. amoxycilli

    Endorsement without CGFNS

    Hello I am a RN educated in Hong Kong. I recently got my license in California and I am interested to endorse to one of the compact states. However, I find that most of them need CGFNS for foreign educated nurse even tho I already have a RN license in California. Does anyone know if any states that have easier endorsement, i.e. without having to go thru CGFNS? Thanks
  3. Hello! This is my first post in allnurses after reading all the helpful post and I appreciate how inspiring and encouraging everyone is! In short, I am a U.S. citizen who had my RN education in Hong Kong. After graduation and registration, I started working in public hospitals in Hong Kong and it had been two years already. I have always been wondering if life would be better if I move to U.S. for work. I prefer California but I don't have any connections there. Any California nurses here is kind enough to share me some valuable advices? Would it be difficult for foreign RN to find a job in CA?

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