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  1. Ashley.Hop


    Hello, does anyone have experience working in a bronchoscopy suite? What are your nursing duties? Do you like it? What are the hours like? Any information is helpful thank you
  2. Ashley.Hop

    Bedside to ADOC

    Hahaha thanks for the laugh!
  3. Ashley.Hop

    Bedside to ADOC

    I'm a critcal care RN working as a float. I only have to commit to 2 days a week (two 12's), and then I usually take 5 days off in a row. I like it. I loveeeee my days off in a row. Now, I've been offered an ADOC position at large 214 bed plus 15 rehab bed long term care facility(I previously worked at as a nursing aid, and briefly as an RN) which is M-F 7am-3pm. 1 week on call every 12 weeks. I currently work in the US, and am a Canadian citizen. This will be in Canada. My questions are: What are the responsibilities of the ADOC? Do you like your ADOC position? Do you feel overworked? Are the benefits good? Do you feel you get an adequate amount of time off? Pros: I can get a maternity leave, benefits/pension It will be good experience for my career, no more grueling 12 hour shifts, no more cross border commutes, save on tolls. Cons: working 5 days a week, big learning curve, scary, not sure if even qualified. Pay rate is similar to my job now. I'm going in on Monday to speak with the current ADOC to get a better feel of what the position entails. There will be three ADOC's all together, I will be the third. any info, reassurance, advice, guidance,.....thank you!
  4. Ashley.Hop

    Jail, correctional facility RN

    What is it like to work at a jail as an RN? I applied for a position to see what's it all about. The pay seems very high compared to other RN positions in the city. I'm wondering if it's because the job is such high stress? Thank you.
  5. Ashley.Hop

    ICU Float Nurse

    Thank you for the info, are those patients generally sedated then? Is the EVD drain opened per order, or always opened? The lumbar drain I had was barely draining anything past the first two hours so that's why they wanted it open for the shift, they ordered it clamped the next day.
  6. Ashley.Hop

    ICU Float Nurse

    Can you provide explanations please. What does EVD stand for? I had a spinal drain patient once, and there was no instructions to clamp while repositioning, or when he was dry heaving due to nausea. However he was to lay flat for the duration of the shift, but we'd log roll him on his side to spit up.
  7. Ashley.Hop

    Nurses Week Giveaways - WIN Up To $4,000! Nurses Week 2018

    Their fecal pouch torn off
  8. Ashley.Hop

    ICU Float Nurse

    I'm from Medical ICU, transferred to a float position. I'm a newer nurse with 2 years MICU experience. I'll be going to Cardiac, Neuro, and Surgical ICUs now. Do you have any advice, or tips on what I should be aware of, what I should re-learn, or even try to avoid? (IABPs, brain drain's, GSW/trauma care etc) I want to make sure I have appropriate assignments. Thank you! :)
  9. Ashley.Hop

    ICU float nurse

    I've been in the medical ICU for 2 years and just accepted a job offer to be a float nurse. I'll be floating to cardiac, neuro, and surgical ICUs. I'm nervous as the other ICUs are out of my comfort zone. Any tips?
  10. Ashley.Hop

    Interested in home health care

    Does anyone work for a home health care company in Windsor (Bayshore, Paramed, St.Elizabeth, VON etc..) What is the pay and benefits like? Hours? Support from management and client service coordinators? Thank you
  11. Ashley.Hop

    Preceptor to RN student

    Hi, I have been given the wonderful opportunity to precept a nursing student in the medical ICU. It will be my first time. I'm a newer nurse myself, graduated in 2015 and have been practicing on my own for two years. My question is: Would anyone like to share some tips from their personnel experiences as preceptors? I'm super excited, and want to make this an engaging, great learning experience for her.
  12. Ashley.Hop

    What's your best 'Nurse Hack'?

    Just wanted to add on to my previous comment about icing the NG/OG tube: **ONLY for oral insertion** do not advance an iced stiff tube into the nasal passage for risk of perforation. I meant NG/OG as it is the same tube, but for oral insertions only. Thank you.
  13. Ashley.Hop

    Paramed Windsor

    Hi, any RNs currently working for Paramed home health care? Bonus if in Windsor. Just wondering how the pay rate is, and hours. Thank you.
  14. Ashley.Hop

    Transitioning from Psych to ICU/Med Surg

    I would ask to shadow on a unit in your hospital, and ask that units' manager what they would recommend you do so that you would be considered for hire. It is a different skill set.
  15. Ashley.Hop

    What's your best 'Nurse Hack'?

    Ice a NG/OG TUBE for a few mins before inserting. It stiffens it up so it's less likely to coil. Stick a chuck pad in the bedpan so you can throw out the pad, easier clean up. Flush the IV, place a tourniquet and use a 3 cc to gently draw back blood on a stubborn IV. Bed in lowest position and bed alarm on for confused patients, and utilize restraints.
  16. Ashley.Hop

    What do you think of 12 hour shifts

    I agree, I also work full time midnights. I feel it consumes me. I feel the time off in between shifts is not enough, and yes the first night off is what I call my recovery day. I'm up during the night on my days off and am less productive, social life has gone way down and I feel the health effects, always seem to be tired now. Hoping to find another job soon.