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  1. nursingthings

    arom by residents

    sorry I made it confusing. at my job, the residents always wanna arom patients and I just wanna be safe in regards to that
  2. nursingthings

    arom by residents

    Hello. New grad in maternity here. I'm trying to find an article with information if it's appropriate for a patient to be AROM'd at -1 station?
  3. nursingthings

    piedmont new grad residency experience

    Congrats!!! I got the job offer last week but unfortunately I had to turn it down. I graduated in Dec. 2018. I'm from CA so it's been rough finding a hospital job that accepts new grads here. I did a phone interview with two med surg managers and I thought I messed up my chances. They asked to pick between post op day 1, stroke, pneumonia, or chf and to describe what it is, what labs and meds would be ordered, and the nursing interventions. Good luck on your interview!! You'll be great!
  4. nursingthings

    piedmont new grad residency experience

    Hi all. Just wondering if anyone here had experience at the piedmont new grad residency for med surg? I was recently offered a position and just wanted to hear feedback. Thanks in advance!
  5. nursingthings

    Emory, Grady, Piedmont new grad residencies

    Hello all. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience at the Emory, Grady, or Piedmont new grad nursing programs? What did you like about it, etc. I applied to Emory and Piedmont, but also thinking about applying to Grady.
  6. nursingthings

    Dignity Bakersfield hiring event

    Hi, just wanted to see if there’s any new grads attending the hiring event for dignity health Bakersfield on April 30 or May 2?
  7. nursingthings

    NCLEX-RN March / California

    I got mine early this morning around 645!!! Congrats everyone!!!
  8. nursingthings

    NCLEX-RN March / California

    It really is Let’s hang in there guys! We made it this far. Hopefully the results get posted soon.
  9. nursingthings

    NCLEX-RN March / California

    I took mine on the 5th too, no results yet but I got the good pop up. The wait is killing me. Any idea of what is happening?
  10. nursingthings

    Med surg 3 rotation at Santa Rosa memorial

    Hello everyone. I was just wondering if anyone had a clinical experience at Santa Rosa memorial for a med surg rotation? Was it a good or bad experience? Would you recommend?
  11. nursingthings

    repeating maternity

    hello everyone. i'm a junior 2 nursing student who was not able to pass maternity and has to retake it next semester. i got the news the other day and i'm feel very disappointed and sad. i was wondering how to approach maternity differently next semester? how do i keep a positive perspective? i'm not really good at being an optimistic i guess.

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