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Hi all. Just wondering if anyone here had experience at the piedmont new grad residency for med surg? I was recently offered a position and just wanted to hear feedback. Thanks in advance!


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Hey!I know they only say nice things about the program. I have applied to Piedmont recently and I have an interview in the ICU in a couple weeks. When did u get the job offer? How was the interview? Have u already graduated?


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Congrats!!! I got the job offer last week but unfortunately I had to turn it down. I graduated in Dec. 2018. I'm from CA so it's been rough finding a hospital job that accepts new grads here. I did a phone interview with two med surg managers and I thought I messed up my chances. They asked to pick between post op day 1, stroke, pneumonia, or chf and to describe what it is, what labs and meds would be ordered, and the nursing interventions.

Good luck on your interview!! You'll be great!


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Hey was this for piedmont atlanta? how do you like it? I also was just offered med surg positions

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