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  1. FutureNurse965

    Practicality of a summer CNA job?

    I'm currently a full-time college student (originally nursing but switched second semester to elementary education) with a CNA certification I obtained last year. It's not possible for me to work during the school year, so I need to work this summer in order to keep my certification. (it'll be more than 2 years next summer, IN law says you have to work at least 8hrs in 2 years) Is it practical/would an employee hire me to only work ~3 months? I'd also prefer to work part time and possibly get another job.
  2. FutureNurse965

    How long was your CNA training?

    I'm taking my CNA class through a high school career center, so it's an entire school year long. We attend class and go to clinicals for ~2 1/2 hours a day.
  3. FutureNurse965

    CNA Job at 17??

    I just turned 17 and will be getting my cert at 17 as well. My teacher said I might be able to be hired at some LTCs, but it might be more difficult for me until I turn 18 because of limitations like not being able to use the mechanical lift. Good luck on your class! :)
  4. FutureNurse965

    16 year old CNA...

    I also have a late birthday I'm 16 and currently enrolled in a CNA course. I think our state has changed their regulations, as you used to have to be 17 to take your state boards. I haven't run into any problems yet though with my course and there are high school juniors in the class as well as seniors. Nursing homes, at least in my state, are low on CNAs and they are willing to work with schooling and other problems. I wish you luck :)
  5. FutureNurse965

    Marian University REGULAR BSN Program?

    I am a senior in high school. My first choice is Marian University for nursing (minor in Spanish), however, I can't find anything on here for the regular track BSN program, only the ABSN program. I'd love to hear some first-hand experiences. Thanks!
  6. FutureNurse965

    Does anyone here actually like being a CNA?

    It just depends on where you work as to pay. LTCs just in my county range anywhere from $11-15 starting out.
  7. FutureNurse965

    What to expect from clinicals?

    I am a senior in high school about to start CNA classes and I'm curious as to what I should expect for clinicals. Any other tips would be appreciated as well :) I'm aware that it's so much more than just helping elderly people out of bed, feeding them, etc. (Not sure if I can say the same about my classmates though.)