What to expect from clinicals?


I am a senior in high school about to start CNA classes and I'm curious as to what I should expect for clinicals. Any other tips would be appreciated as well :) I'm aware that it's so much more than just helping elderly people out of bed, feeding them, etc. (Not sure if I can say the same about my classmates though.)

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I would say it depends on where your clinicals are. But it could include helping the patients with their ADL's (eating, walking, brushing teeth, combing hair, etc), helping patients to the bathroom and/or cleaning them afterwards, collecting blood sugars and vital signs or sitting with patients. Hope this helps!

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I felt like a fish out of water when I had my CNA clinical many moons ago. It's funny thinking back.... if you're at a long-term care facility, the residents will be used to having students care for them and may very well try to milk it. Haha. You'll most likely be paired with a CNA and will help transfer people, toilet people, dress, shower, changed briefs, and pass meal trays. Oh, soooo many meal trays.

I only gave one shower during clinicals because there were so many of us who needed to do it. You'll feel silly, you'll feel like you're doing something wrong, but in all honesty you'll do great as long as you listen to your instructor and your preceptors.