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  1. Just looking for some advice. Please no judging as no one is perfect. I came on here back in 2017 for the same case but I am in a different situation with it now. I was arrested for a DUI in which I refused. I went to trial in 2019 for the refusal in which I was found not guilty. So one charge is handled. My attorney has done numerous appeals to get the DUI charge dismissed because there is no evidence and basically was the police just looking to arrest someone that night. The appeals have been denied so far. Unfortunately due to covid the courts are at a standstill and another trial for the actual DUI wouldn't be until 2021 at this point. The state has given an offer to drop the charges to reckless and withhold adjudication with not points, no immobilization, etc,. They are saying probation for 6 months which after 3 I can get taken off of. I've contacted the BON numerous times but most recent advised that only need to self report if I'm actually charged or take a plea. I am trying to decide what to do but obviously do not want to lose my nursing license I have been at the same job this whole time and they do not know as the BON also told me I do not need to tell the either. My question is will I lose my nursing license with a Reckless Driving? And what if anything will the BON have me do? I've also been holding off going back to school until it was resolved to ensure it wouldn't affect my acceptance into a program or a future degree. I live in Florida. Any help or feedback would be appreciated.

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