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  1. The reason I ask the question is that I am in the final semester of my BSN program and I am thinking of a long-term career plan. Eventually, I would like to own my labor and potentially open a visiting nurses agency where I see and bill for all my own clients with no middle man. I want to gather information on that process. Is anyone aware of someone already doing this, if so what are some of the basics involved?
  2. I can't find anything about this online. If anyone who is a home nurse or works for an agency knows please share.
  3. ApolloC

    MBA + RN career paths

    In some states you can run a group home
  4. ApolloC

    New Grad Psych BSN NYC

    I will have my license around October and want to work in a psych unit in the NYC area. I also have a BA in psych and 3+ years of work experience in behavioral health. I am looking for a full-time job with good orientation and good benefits. If you know of any jobs that fit this description please message me the info.
  5. ApolloC

    FNP to PA?

    I am aware of FNPs who are in the OR as part of a surgical team. They were first assists when they were an RN then they had their scope expanded when they became an FNP. The job evolved while they were getting their education.
  6. ApolloC

    Residency or Best job I can find

    Soon to graduate, I am looking at jobs but am conflicted. I am an adult learner so the bills are piling up here but I want to do everything right. I want to do a residency so my skills are top notch but I suspect that a residency program will pay me less than what I would get at a regular RN post. What should I do?
  7. Like you said if you are a practicing RN I am sure there is a way forward. Contact the schools you want to apply to and speak to an admissions counselor or student advisor. Schools that were prevously accredited will sometimes lose accrideation for small things like admitting too many students one year or adding something new to the cirriculm. And the loss of accreditation is usally temporary. It doesnt necessarly reflect on you as a student especially if you could pass the NCLEX, get and keep a job as an RN after the fact. Some people think of unaccredited schools as shabby basment setups but that is not the case. Just call the schools. You got this!
  8. ApolloC

    Pregnant nurse

    If you are considering quitting anyway, I say don't go out without a fight. Make a stink about it because that is a problematic culture and they should not get away with treating you like. that. You are a professional and need to demand respect. Sorry if im passionate but Im dealing with some stuff at school and I might be dealing with transfurance here.
  9. ApolloC


    I am by no means an expert, but I say go for it. The worst thing that can happen is that they reject your application and you end up where you are right now.
  10. ApolloC

    Psych or OR

    I am starting my preceptorship in September and will hopefully be working soon after that, but I can't decide if I want to pursue O.R. or psych. I am currently a CNA on a dementia unit. I have experience shadowing both and the thing that will make the difference for me is the NYC market. Which nurse enjoys a greater lifestyle outside of work. I'm talking about demand, salary, benefits, and vacations.
  11. ApolloC

    Realistic Salary Expectations Northern Maine

    Are you still researching? I just did a clinical rotation at NMMC, and I have been asking around. I guess new nurses can expect about $23/hour + whatever differential they get. Hope this helps and if you have anymore info please post.