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  1. slimshady35

    Practical nursing student visa

    Hello. I am a nurse in the philippines i graduated last 2015 and i have no hospital experience. I am planning on studying practical nursing in fleming college ontario. But i am afraid that i would be rejected on my student visa as i am already a bsn graduate. Anyone who is a philippine nurse and studied practical nursing in canada? Need your thoughts. Thank you.
  2. slimshady35

    RN in philippines, LPN in canada

    Hello. I am a graduate of bachelor of science in nursing last 2015 and also passed the exam last 2015. I have no clinical experience. Am i eligible to take RPN exam in canada?
  3. slimshady35

    Practical Nursing in Canada for 2 years

    Hello Kamae!! I know this has been so long but can you please give me your email address so I can contact you and ask some questions. Please. 🙂
  4. Hello, I am from the Philippines and I am planning to study Practical Nursing in canada. But I am torn between the two colleges, Norquest college or bow valley college. Can somebody help me choose? :)
  5. slimshady35

    Bridge to Canadian Nursing

    Hi everyone! I am a Filipina Nurse. I graduated last 2015. I also passed the Nursing Licensure Exam last 2015. I have no clinical experience. I want to enroll in Bridge to Canadian Nursing, if that is what CARNA will ask me to. If I study Bridge to Canadian Nursing will I be eligible for post grad working permit? Anyone who has the same dilemma as me? PLEASE HELP.