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  1. Ontario RPN-RN Bridge September 2020 Intake

    Consider checking this link out: CNO shows the list of schools with approved nursing programs/curriculum and they have a report (a separate PDF doc on the side) of the ...

    I think Humber isn't doing the bridging program anymore..probably because they aren't "in collab with UNB" for the nursing degree. Nursing program for generic entries will be with Humber only. but don't quote me doublecheck the bridging program info ...
  3. Hi fellow nurses! I'm a 3rd year BN student at Humber College and I wanted come on here to get some advice from other upper year BScN or RN students on studying!! I'm pretty organized and I complete the learning objectives (which are longg...
  4. Hi, Anyone register and/or completed for Mohawk's pediatric nursing certificate program? -What was your experience like? My experience in the NRSG 10057 Introductory course was terrible. I'm wondering if anyone else have the same feelings ...
  5. Bridging BScN to MD...Possible?

    I'm a new grad RPN and I'm planning to bridge BScN in Jan 2021. I'm contemplating med school right after, but recently I heard that med school does not consider RN nurses who bridged...completed undergrad in 3 years. I'm wondering if anyone knows if ...
  6. Approved Certificiate Programs for RN/RPN

    Assuming Mohawk College is too?
  7. *Winter 2021* Humber Bridging

    does anyone the registration date is for Humber bridging Jan 2021?
  8. Approved Certificiate Programs for RN/RPN

    Hi, I've done fair amount of research on this but I haven't found a direct answer for it so I'm reaching to others here hoping to find an answer. I'm trying to figure out whether or not CNO or any other nursing associations gives a list of appr...
  9. NCLEX Study Books

    Recommendations for books/prepguides/Youtube videos/podcasts to help prep for NCLEX? Also Is the leaRN the canadian RN exam prep guide similar to the CPNRE prep guide?
  10. RPN to RN Bridging

    Just to clarify, for this program, you need to have done some clinical work hours right to qualify and apply for this program? And think you can upgrade with any additional specialty certificates you have?
  11. *Winter 2021* Humber Bridging

    WOW! are like light in my darkness. Didn't mean to sound cliché. I guess I'm just really appreciating you being open about your experience and your advice. So thank you! *(Re Humber accepting Seneca students) Yes, I believe it was the begi...
  12. *Winter 2021* Humber Bridging

    First off, Congratulations on graduating! That's exciting! Are you a Humber student? I know some people were having some troubles with writing their NCLEX, have you written it yet? Not late at all, I appreciate the time you took to answer, and b...
  13. Bridging BScN at York

    I spoke to them and this was their response: "York does not have an RPN to RN bridging program. We do have a program International Educated Nurse BScN program and that is for people who are nurses outside of Canada." ...just an fyi
  14. BRIDGING NURSING GBC or Humber to BN Bridging Program (0706P).pdf
  15. Bridging BScN at York

    I'm hearing from alot of profs that there is a bridging nursing program at York. From my research I can't find any information on this. Anyone else know if this is true. If they do leave me a link and any graduates willing to talk about their e...