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PNDtoBScNto?'s Latest Activity

  1. PNDtoBScNto?

    NCLEX Study Books

    Recommendations for books/prepguides/Youtube videos/podcasts to help prep for NCLEX? Also Is the leaRN the canadian RN exam prep guide similar to the CPNRE prep guide?
  2. PNDtoBScNto?

    Anyone from SickKids Hospital in Toronto?

    I'm a RPN student and very interested in working at Sickkids. Do you they hire RPNs? Are they hiring during COVID? What is the interview process like? Any other tips would be helpful! Thank you!
  3. PNDtoBScNto?

    *Winter 2021* Humber Bridging

    Hello I'm contemplating on applying to bridge at Humber and I want some clarification on programs. What is the average students should maintain in the courses? Are students allowed to spread out the courses I.e. take take first semester courses second semester for the first time. Any other advice would be helpful and greatly appreciated please thanks.
  4. PNDtoBScNto?


    Hi, Soooo I'm having a dilemma of whether I should choose to go to GBC in sept 2020 or Humber for Jan 2021. The course avg you need to maintain during the bridging program is what is overhwleming me and causing my dilemma mostly. Any current students or graduates from either programs who want to give their input I would greatly appreciate it. Really anything at all about either programs good bad and the ugly, seriously bless yall.
  5. PNDtoBScNto?

    GBC Bridging Sept 2020

    any updates about admission from GBC? also does anyone know what the minimum grade we have to maintain in the bridging program?
  6. PNDtoBScNto?

    Conestoga Bridging RN 2020 Sept

    LOL dw I did that too. Got into Conestoga too thank goodness. Best of luck to you all wherever you choose to go! Keep updating, would love to hear about it !
  7. PNDtoBScNto?

    Conestoga Bridging RN 2020 Sept

    Hey! oh gosh, well same story here still. I hope I hear from them soon, I've been meaning to contact them today. We are supposed to hear the decision via mail or is it online?
  8. PNDtoBScNto?

    GBC Bridging Sept 2020

    I haven't heard from them either. where is everyone checking the status? I'm just starting think I'm checking the wrong website haha. Anyone else apply to bridging schools other than GBC? And have you heard from that school?
  9. PNDtoBScNto?

    Conestoga Bridging RN 2020 Sept

    Hey applied to conestoga's bridging RN program to go for this fall. I would love to hear if anyone else has heard from the school about their application!?
  10. PNDtoBScNto?

    GBC Bridging Sept 2020

    nope not yet
  11. PNDtoBScNto?

    GBC Bridging Sept 2020

    last feb 11th? like 2019?
  12. PNDtoBScNto?

    GBC Bridging Sept 2020

    I want to go in Sept 2020 too! I have yet to hear from the school too. I did my CASPer assessment a few days ago (Feb 23rd) good luck!
  13. PNDtoBScNto?

    Getting Ready for RN

    george brown and centennial so far. wanted to also do apply for humber in jun to go for term jan 2021 my bad for posting in the wrong place, still trying to get the hang of this. if you can move it, do so. appreciate it!
  14. PNDtoBScNto?

    Getting Ready for RN

    Just finished doing my CASPer assessment and am waiting for the replies on whether or not I got into the bridging RN schools I've applied to. But I wanted to see if there is any tips you can give me about going to full time schooling again, especially briging from practical nurse to school for RN. I did my practical nursing as prt time and the schools I've applied too did not have a part time option, so full time was the route to go. Any tips and advise would help. thank you in advance.
  15. PNDtoBScNto?

    PND to BScN to MD

    Any advice for RNs going to medical school and getting a MD in Canada? US? UK?
  16. PNDtoBScNto?

    PND to BScN Bridging//need Advice!

    Thank you very so much for your advice! :) Regards, A

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