Advice to Choosing (RN) Consolidation Placement

BN student choosing fourth year consolidation placement placement


Hello all, 

I'm a RPN and current 4th year nursing student (in Canada) at a current dilemma about choosing consolidation placement specialty. My school allows students with 3.4 GPA above to choose and do consolidation placements in a specialty unit. I have done 2 of my clinical placements in a medicine unit, rehab unit, and at a LTC placement. For BN consolidation, I'm between MBU and NICU, but I wanted to hear others who has done their placements at either placements and their experience. Was it everything you thought it'd be--in terms of pace of work or the expected learning environment as a new grad?

Honest opinions are appreciated. Thank you! 

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Hi. I upgraded my Registered Practical Nurse (ON) and did my BScN undegrad in Toronto and pretty much the 4th year ish is catered to community health setting. I was placed at my 4th year first sem at a Clinic & last sem at Hospital Day Surgery. I graduated with flying colours but I was already working as RPN at Nephrology Inpatient for 1 yr coming from Retirement Home so I wasn't particular with the clinical setting. I was only thinking of graduating. Regardless, I would be employable given my RPN background and RN registration. 

After BScN graduation, I managed to be licensed RN in the US and started at a med-surg/general surgery. Kinda back to zero but easily adapted and the will to learn & asking questions. I got 7weeks of floor orientation. You will feel comfortable after 6months ish. After more than 1.5years, I decided to relocate out of state and started in the Surgical/Trauma/Neuro ICU which was my goal. It was a different setting for sure and got overwhelmed at first since lots of learning but managed to be there for almost 1year now. 

Your choice of clinical placements could determine your future job since  likely you would be hired there but also make a plan and be open to opportunities. 


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I think you will learn more in the NICU unit but it also depends on the level. If you are interested in working children, consolidating in the NICU will give you an advantage especially if the NICU is level 3. It is also good to know that we are in a nursing shortage so if you decide that you rather work with adults once you graduate, I don't think you will have any issue getting an interview in that setting.