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HarmonyRN is a BSN and specializes in Maternal/Child Health. Obstetrics.

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  1. So, I posted earlier this week asking what the pros/cons were of being salaried vs. hourly.... Anyway, I had the panel interview yesterday. It went well. VERY well. I think I would LOVE it actually. The manager was very nice and I can tell she is the mentoring type. She is such a pleasant woman. She gave me the biggest hug when I left. The position is for a High Risk OB CM for Medicaid MCO ( I think that’s right). I currently and always have worked in OB, and I feel that this position would add to my skill set as well as bring some insight to the CM side. At the same time exploring a new field in which I know very little about, so I would enjoy learning , mastering and growing in the new area of nursing.... the best part is that I will get to WFH about 50% of the time! Woo HOO!! Can anyone share some insight as to what I could expect working from home as a CM? TIA
  2. HarmonyRN

    salary or hourly

    I should receive additional information this week
  3. HarmonyRN

    salary or hourly

    Hi all! I would just like some insight. I recently applied for an OB Case Mgr postition and had a telephone screening yesterday. It went well. I now have a panel interview this week. The recruiter was very impressed with my skills and background. This would be a great opportunity to gain experience in the CM field because I currently have none and most places want you to already have experience coming in the door. The recruiter mentioned this is a salaried position.... I have never held a salaried position before. The pay is comparable to what I am currently earning, but slightly less. What is different about being a salaried employee vs. hourly besides just receiving a flat pay every two weeks? Are there any additional details I should inquire about? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  4. HarmonyRN

    Title 38? How is this a good thing??

    This is true. It just baffles me.... I guess you have to factor in the benefits as well. Idk
  5. HarmonyRN

    Title 38? How is this a good thing??

    Yes, I know the VA in Baltimore would pay more.... if they would only call me! . Idk what they’re even basing the COL off of? Property taxes here are twice as much as they are in Maryland!
  6. HarmonyRN

    Title 38? How is this a good thing??

    FWIW I would actually consider 80....considering the money I’d save by not having to use my own vehicle.... but looking at the pay scale, it indicates starting at maybe 60’s... I literally made that in my first year as a nurse almost 13 years ago. WITH only my associates. I can’t even pay my mortgage in one paycheck with that.
  7. HarmonyRN

    Title 38? How is this a good thing??

    I actually live in York, PA. Work in Baltimore. The position is based out of Lebanon. They have offices in york, Lancaster and Mechanicsburg
  8. HarmonyRN

    I want a new job

    Background: I have worked primarily in Women’s Health/L&D. I love my field! 2 years ago I came out of the hospital and accepted a position in a medical office as a charge nurse for an OB/GYN Clinic making more $$ than I did in the hospital. I love my job. It’s fulfilling. Not terribly hard. The problem is 1: my commute is 52 miles each way and I work 5 days a week. 2: My boss and staff are some A$&@holes! I hate them. My boss completely enables the medical assistants and as a seasoned RN, I know right from wrong. I just don’t feel like it should be THIS stressful in the office setting. Upper management doesn’t care... I want to leave. But not necessarily wanting to return to the hospital. I also can’t take a huge pay cut either. Any suggestions??
  9. HarmonyRN

    Post Partum VS. L&D

    I feel l&d would provide more insight in how to manage laboring mothers and how to respond in emergent situations. You will also get some post part I’m skills in there as well. Plus breastfeeding (golden hour). . If it’s a busy facility you will most likely have some PP overflow...
  10. HarmonyRN

    2018 Nurse Salary

    Location: Maryland (live in PA) Experiences: 12 years + Maternal/Child Health, NICU, Lactation OB/GYN and Pediatrics Office Based Charge Nurse Base: $45.07 + $1 for Charge Nurse =46.07 20% an hour for weekends time and a half for OT. Benefits: Free HC for employee, about $100 per pay for family union tuition reimbursement/stipend. I basically did my BSN for free. And can do my Msn as well.
  11. HarmonyRN

    Where are my work-at-home homies?

    I ultimately would like to transition to WFH Nursing. I currently commute 52 miles each way. I earn great money, but I’m a little over it. I have school aged children, so no child care needed. But I would just like to increase my quality of life while gaining more experience in other areas. My question is how can I break into this sector with no experience in CM, UM, etc and make a decent wage. I can take a slight decrease because I won’t be driving so much. But what do positions like this earn typically. I live in PA, FYI. TIA
  12. HarmonyRN

    Title 38? How is this a good thing??

    I reviewed these pay scales... idk how in the world any seasoned RN is surviving off of these wages. I do understand that the cost of living in different places plays a role. But for my area, it doesn’t match to me... idk. I just can’t take such a drastic decrease... it would take years for me to even be back to what I’m earning now.
  13. HarmonyRN

    Title 38? How is this a good thing??

    Thanks so much!
  14. Hi all! I recently applied for and was interviewed for a home based primary care nurse position in Pennsylvania. I have been doing my own research and found that these positions are are under Title 38... That being said, I am trying to figure out how this is a god thing... If is supposed to be. The job i am interested in is M-F, no weekends, holidays or OT. I was told there is no locality pay for RN's. The pay scales that I am looking at ( sent to me by the hiring mgr) seem WAYYYY LOW!. I have been an RN for just under 13 years. I have my BSN as well. Lots of experience in Women's Health and Pediatrics. Leadership, precepting, etc. the manager mentioned that the pay scale there might be much less than I am used to. I can't believe Nurses are working for those pennies. My husband is a gov employee, so the HC benefits aren't an issue for me. I currently earn about 90k a year. I could take a little pay cut, but not 20-30k! I currently work in MD. Can anyone share some insight?? Thanks
  15. HarmonyRN

    Kaiser interview/ employmy

    I had an interview for a lead RN position in one of the Kaiser offices today. It went well and I hope I get it. I know that the pay scale is set based on yeaooof experience and education. Can anyone please give me a ballpark idea of what I should expect? I've been a nurse for 10 yrs in the field that I interviewed for. I have my associates degree. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
  16. HarmonyRN

    Kaiser RN

    I would imagine so.... the position has been posted since April, so I am keeping my Fingers crossed . Also I have been trying to get some of the pay scale information online. I know that they are unionized so there is a set amount for level of experience, degree, etc.... I did manage to find a union contract, but that was so confusing to me honestly. Do you know how much a clinic nurse would start with 10 yrs of (hospital)experience in the field that they are looking for? I couldn't tell from that scale....They do get pretty regular raises which is awesome. Plus all the other benefits. I would love to be employed with them! :)