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Hi Friends,

Can anyone share any insight on the hiring process for Kaiser. I've heard it can be a long one. I applied for a Lead RN position in one of their Maryland offices back in July. I just received an email the other day with a link to do an assessment, which I did and it said that I qualify. (Yay). What should I expect from here? Also, does anyone know what a position like this would pay ( ballpark)? I have been a Nurse for almost 11 years with mostly experience in the area of which the position is in. I have my associates degree but I am currently working towards my BSN.

bgxyrnf, MSN, RN

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For me, it went like this...

1. Get a call from a recruiter

2. Apply

3. Take an online assessment

4. Wait to see if the hiring manager is interested

5. Get a call from the hiring manager for a telephone interview

6. Face-to-face panel interview

7. Get a call with a job offer

#4 was the hang-up, and is the hang-up. I know several qualified applicants who never get to #5.

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I would imagine so.... the position has been posted since April, so I am keeping my Fingers crossed . Also I have been trying to get some of the pay scale information online. I know that they are unionized so there is a set amount for level of experience, degree, etc.... I did manage to find a union contract, but that was so confusing to me honestly. Do you know how much a clinic nurse would start with 10 yrs of (hospital)experience in the field that they are looking for? I couldn't tell from that scale....They do get pretty regular raises which is awesome. Plus all the other benefits. I would love to be employed with them! :)

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bgxyrnf, MSN, RN

Specializes in Med-Tele; ED; ICU. Has 10 years experience.

I don't know anything about East Coast Kaiser.