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Perinatal Nursing/ Women's Health
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MidwifeyToBe MSN RN is a BSN, MSN, RN, CNS and specializes in Perinatal Nursing/ Women's Health.

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  1. MidwifeyToBe MSN RN

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    Maybe! And I agree, how difficult!
  2. MidwifeyToBe MSN RN

    ELM-A SFSU 2020 Applicants

    Hi @changementality... Weird I am not sure why you could not message me. But my thought on the ELM-A program overall is lengthy but what I could say in brief is that I get out of the program what you put into it. I left feeling very prepared, got into 3 newgrad programs and have been in my L&D position for the last 2 years, loving it. They will not hold your hand but they do offer a lot of support and I loved almost all the professors I had. Make sure a lot to office hours, make connections and network the ENTIRE time you are in school, join clubs ect. There are lots of opportunities for this. The simulations are wonderful for learning and challenge you to think critically, we had at least one for each specialty. The small class sizes were a great opportunity for participation and you will be expected to work on A LOT of group projects. Our class had a 100% pass rate of the NCLEX.. Set backs may have been that not everyone got placed where they wanted to be placed for their preceptorships or clinicals but I think that happens at a lot of schools. There were some students who had difficulty jumping through admin hoops for their culminating experience projects but my advice there is just to start early. Hope that helps?
  3. MidwifeyToBe MSN RN

    Frontier or Georgetown

    @JennyS Thank you!!
  4. MidwifeyToBe MSN RN

    Frontier CNM Program hours of study per week

    @queenanneslace Thank you for this information. Two questions: 1. What was your weekly hours when you worked as an RN while taking the classes? I currently work 32-36 hour weeks. 2. How did you find your experience was finding CNM preceptors in your area? TIA
  5. MidwifeyToBe MSN RN

    Charting Bloopers

    "Dr. Smith (anesthesia) is at the bedside, top off"
  6. MidwifeyToBe MSN RN

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    I've definitely had a Savvy and I think the weirdest I ever saw was.... Imma Hog.
  7. MidwifeyToBe MSN RN

    Frontier vs Georgetown Online CNM Programs

    Hello all, I am writing to see if anyone has experience for the online CNM programs offered at both Frontier and Georgetown Universities. I would be applying to the post-masters component for both but any and all experience, wisdom, or advice you have are welcome! TIA
  8. MidwifeyToBe MSN RN

    Frontier or Georgetown

    @Mamita123 I do have a network of CNMs I believe would be happy to work with me as I already work with them in an L&D capacity. As much as I would like to move for school that would require up-routing my entire family so it is not an option for me. I am more wondering peoples experiences of the two programs..
  9. MidwifeyToBe MSN RN

    Frontier or Georgetown

    @nursemidwife2be Did you end up choosing one or the other? I am looking into both now but for the "post-masters" online programs and wondering how they compare? TIA
  10. MidwifeyToBe MSN RN

    Labor & Delivery - highly litigated field

    I am an L&D RN and find that this 'fear' is always at the center of documentation on our unit. We also have chart auditors in our facility as we are a high reliability organization so often times if you are making an error or forgetting to chart something, it is brought to your attention to be fixed for the future. This is really helpful I have found. Additionally we use the NICHD nomenclature as well in our Epic Stork charting. This is very helpful as it paints a clear and concise picture of the FHR strip whilst having to minimally enter details i.e. Category 1/2 or 3.
  11. MidwifeyToBe MSN RN

    ELM-A SFSU 2020 Applicants

    Hi all, Just want to congratulate those who got accepted into the ELMA program! For those that did not get accepted, do not give up! We had several students that joined our cohort a couple weeks into our start that were originally waitlisted! I was in the first cohort they piloted in 2016 so I guess you could call me a guinea pig of sorts. I was in the Women's Health track and I am now a practicing L&D RN at a high risk perinatal unit in the Bay Area. If anyone has questions about the program, or anything at all, let me know, I would be happy to answer as best I can recall the details . Just remember it's going to be a heavy 2 years with classes/clinicals year round but lean on your classmates and peers, they will be a tremendous support system! The competition is over, team work will be your best asset during this time. I loved my cohort and of course there were days where we all wanted to just get up and leave but we lifted each other up and many of my classmates are now my lifelong friends. Enjoy this time..
  12. MidwifeyToBe MSN RN

    USCF MSN and/or Post Masters 2020

    Hi all, I am currently applying to the UCSF Post Masters Certificate program for 2020 fall admittance. I haven't seen a forum for this particular group, only for MEPN folks, and wanted to create a space for us all to connect! I am hoping to get into the CNM/WHNP specialty as that is my current field. Applications due beginning of Feb 2020, Interviews March 2020 and Classes start Fall 2020. Hope to hear from some of you!
  13. MidwifeyToBe MSN RN

    UC Davis New Grad 2018

    3doodle I'm not sure exact numbers but the interviews were about an hour and if I had to guess I think they had roughly 5ish slots each day. So maybe interviewed 10+. No idea about how many positions they have open. Best of luck!
  14. MidwifeyToBe MSN RN

    UC Davis New Grad 2018

    I'm not sure exact numbers but the interviews were about an hour and if I had to guess I think they had roughly 5ish slots each day. So maybe interviewed 10+. No idea about how many positions they have open. Best of luck!
  15. MidwifeyToBe MSN RN

    UC Davis New Grad 2018

    Hi all, I got a call for an interview in L&D/Perinatal on 12/14 and will be interviewing this 12/21 just an FYI. I was called by the nurse manager of the unit so it most likely depends on which unit your application was routed to and their individual scheduling. That depends on where you did your preceptorship, or so I was told by Nurse Recruitment when I inquired back in November. Good luck to all!!
  16. MidwifeyToBe MSN RN

    UCSF Post-Masters CNM/WHNP Program

    Hello all, I am currently in an entry-level BSN/MSN nursing program and will complete my program with a Women's Health CNS. I am an aspiring midwife and hope to go on to complete my education at UCSF in their Post-Masters CNM/WHNP program. I am currently a doula, volunteer at a prenatal center, and have a competitive grade point average. Any advice from someone currently in this program or a graduate of this program? Tips to strengthen my application or experience before I apply. Any and all advice would be helpful! Thank you.

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